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FreeBOOT Toolbox Maker
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FreeBOOT Toolbox Maker

FreeBOOT Toolbox Maker
Current Version: v2.6
Written by BestPig
Category: JTAG
Page Views: 10,156

Following the second of the name bug about SMC also affected dumps created for zephyr, falcon and jasper 16MB using self-detection, here is a small update that should fix this problem permanently.

But I can still advise that people who have no way of flashing via LPT cable / USB to await the returns of other users before launching.

What's new/fixed v2.6:
- Add FbBuild V0.11 support
- Add Swedish language
- Add option to use freeboot_alt.bin for xbox without drive.

What's new/fixed v2.5 Rev2:
This new version of course comes with "freeBOOT" 12611/v0.04 (fbBuild 0.1) support.
There's also a new debug option that will show any error coming from ibuild or fbuild.
To create a new "freeBOOT" v0.04 image the program can take in a freeBOOT v0.032, XBR or original dump for 16Mb NANDs, for 256/512 you will need an original NAND dump.
Rev2 fixes some problems with SMC and KV.

What's new/fixed v2.4:
- Deletion of choice NAND / HDD / USB DashLaunch (Needless). (rev3)
- Update Dashlaunch for jasper 256 / 512 MB (Fixes flash MU corruption issues) (rev2)
- Added CB Xenon 1902, 1920 (rev2)
- Added CB Zephyr 4558, 4571, 4572, 4578 and 4580 (rev2)
- Added CB Jasper 6750 (rev2)

- Creation of freeBOOT for all motherboards with SMC Correct.
- The image generated integrates Xellous
- Automatic detection of the motherboard to the dump (16MB)
- Choosing the patch to apply.
- Generation FreeBoot in a click.
- Much prettier interface.
- Check that the key is correct CPU (number of characters permitted character [A-F0-9].
- Stopping the process of creating freeboot, if the key CPU does not fit your dump.
- Check the size of the dump, authorized size (16, 66, 256 and 512)
- And finally potential to generate a dump from freeboot XBReboot *
- Compatible with fleas Cygnos

- Problem SMC normally fixed:
- Multilingual Version
- Added support for Falcon since 5761 dump XBR
- Fixed a problem that some had with Seven for extracting dump

* Currently only for motherboards with the following revisions:
- Xenon with a CB 1888, 1903 and 1921
- Falcon with a CB 5761, 5770, 5766
- Jasper with a CB 6712, 6723

I could not do more compatibility because I failed to gather the following files:

- crl.bin
- crl.bin.meta
- extended.bin
- extended.bin.meta
- odd.bin
- odd.bin.meta
- secdata.bin
- secdata.bin.meta
- smc_config.bin

For motherboards:
- Xenon (CB: 1920)
- Zephyr (CB: 4558 and 4580)

If you have these files there, thank you to send, in light of integration for a future release.

If you encounter any problems with Vista and Seven, try to put the application compatibility with Windows XP, it can solve the problem.

For those no longer or NAND flash detect after a dump with a crappy CMS, unplug your console, run the command with nandpro to flash, and quickly connect your console.

This should allow you to flash again.

Related URL: http://www.bestpig.fr

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