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360-HQ.COM :: Anyone heard of the Dyatlov incident?
Anyone heard of the Dyatlov incident?
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 8:31 am   
Post subject: Anyone heard of the Dyatlov incident?
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So this skier and hiker Igor Dyatlov takes a team of people to poke around this area of a siberian mountain known as the Mountain of the Dead (who's history is interesting by itself). The team was actually the first in recent history to try to map the area where the whole team was found scattered dead at, which was later named Dyatlov Pass to commemorate the tragedy. There was a movie made about this decades later but I didn't really like it (I forget what it was called). The official report says an avalanche killed the team, but that was because originally the recovery team though all of their bones were broken, but it's not that simple. Check out the details yourself, I think it's pretty interesting. Here are some of the details that haunt me: the bodies were irradiated when discovered months after there deaths; some of the bodies had no bones inside them, but their skin was uncut, and liquid calcium and vitamin D deposits were found where the bones should have been, as if they were liquified; the corpses were a hundred or more feet apart in all directions from the tent; some of the bodies skins were orange and barely wearing any clothes; one of the corpses was missing it's tongue and eyes; a side of the team's tent was cut open from the inside; and finally, some of the trees on the area were scorched, but only on the top few feet, as if by aircraft. Look up pictures, I can't find many, but the ones I can find are unfortunately black and white but still pretty creepy (just avoid the ones from that movie). I would love to hear anyones speculation of the death cause, motive, or perpetrator. So I hope those easily scared don't read this before bedtime, but if you do just know this happened over half a century ago in a unpopulated area.
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