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Star Trek: Legacy
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Post Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:09 am   
Post subject: Star Trek: Legacy
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I've played Legacy. I've beaten Legacy. I like Legacy. Whats not to like? It spans 40 years of the Star Trek Universe. It has the voices of all the major captains of the shows: Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer. Visually the game it awesome. The little flashing lights on the saucer section of the ships. The spinning nacelles on the Enterprise and Orginal Series ships is a real plus for attention to detail.

The bad news: It has it's fair share of bugs. While not as bad as the PC version the 360 version has some drawbacks. Most of them are just minor things that give you the feel of the game. For instance when I want to hear Captain Kirk I pick the Enterprise. But when I don't want to I pick another Constitution class ship. But on Legacy Kirk commands all of them and answers "This is Enterprise" every time you select a ship. Same goes for the other captains.

There was a patch which was supposed to fix the acheivements wording. What it did do was cause several more glitches. Nacelles will blow off but visually remain. Enemies will warp into corners of the map and not drop out. Unable to target subsystems.

I'm not telling you to not buy the game. It's a boatload of fun. But if you want the 100% gamerscore you have to download the patch. If you get the 4 online achievments and you want to get rid of the patch go to your system blade, select memory highlight harddrive (or where you save the patch) and press Y. Then to clear you patches press X,X Right Bumper, Left Bumper, X,X. This will clear all of you patches for ALL of your games.

If your a Trekkie get the game because you like the Trek. If you like giant spaceships blowing each other up get the game because there are lots of it.

Hope this help people in deciding on getting the game or not.

At ease soldier.

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