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360-HQ.COM :: Bunch of Call Of Duty 5: World at War info....
Bunch of Call Of Duty 5: World at War info....
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Post Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:11 pm   
Post subject: Bunch of Call Of Duty 5: World at War info....
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Call of Duty: World at War


Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Engine: Call of Duty 4 (parts from IW)
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS, (will not be on PS2)
Releas Date: November 11th, 2008

Building on the Call of Duty 4 engine, Call of Duty: World at War thrusts players into the ruthless and gritty chaos of WWII combat like never been before, and challenges them to band together to survive the most harrowing and climactic battles of WWII that led to the demise of the Axis powers on the European and South Pacific fronts. The title re-defines WWII games by offering an uncensored experience with unique enemies and combat variety, including Kamikaze fighters, ambush attacks, Banzai charges and cunning cover tactics, as well as explosive on-screen action through all new cooperative gameplay.

Their will be online and single player achivements.

Single Player Campaign:

Makin Raid (Pacific Campaign)

This is what you all have gotten a glimpse of in the trailer that was on the Marketplace this past weekend. It starts with the cut-scene that you’ve heard of, you are on your knees while your buddy takes a cigarette to the eye, followed by a katana blade to the throat. His back is to you when this happens, blood hits the walls, and then the guy comes for you… At this point a fellow soldier comes in and stabs the aggressor to save your skin: Enter actual Gameplay.

From this point forward, you roll through a Japanese village on the shoreline with some comrades. Huts dot the shore with a jungle inland, you fight resistance and make it through the huts and into the jungle… this is where it gets intense. You’re strolling along and all of a sudden a flair goes up where the previous Japanese lying apparently dead, now spring to life – a frantic firefight ensues… followed by “To Be Continued…”
Palelieu (Pacific Campaign)

Ok again you are fighting the Japanese, as the previous level introduced you to the “surprise tactics” of the enemy, this one expands on that concept – and the feel of COD:WW. This is where the flamethrower comes in handy, real handy as you walk through grasslands with trees around, you constantly need to sweep the area with your torch. The enemy lurks in unlikely spots and you need to flush them out. Hit a tree, and a sniper may drop that is tethered with a rope, sweep some grass, and a guy may spring up screaming while in flames.

This is an essential concept, leave no spot unchecked, slash and burn while keeping a weary eye. Light a fire and watch it travel, know wind direction, and plan where you want that inferno to go! Later in the level you fight for a complex and then participate in a ground battle where tanks are everywhere. Pick up a bazooka and get to work… oh, by the way… this works well while you have an Online Co-op friend sweeping the area with his flamethrower!
Flying-Boat (unofficial name) (Pacific Campaign)

This level takes place in a sea-plane - the PDY Catalina. Treyarch Studios actually had a company make an exact model of the plane that was assembled at the motion capture studio which was used to replicate the Flying-Boat. They used the mo-cap technology to digitally design the skeleton on the plane, to an inch. With that, they were able to create the plane texturally and graphically, down to a roll of toilet paper in the aft of the plane.

They took it a step further in regards to the animation by hiring a Cirque Du Soleil performer to maneuver from the aft of the plane forward, and vice versa to replicate a soldier rotating from the 2 aft turrets, to the one under the cockpit. At first, the nimble performer did it so quickly that it wasn’t realistic, so they had him do it again to more accurately reflect a soldier lumbering through the plane.

With that, as with the plane, they used that geometry to make a digital model and of course the character you see in game. They showed us a split screen of the performer moving through the wooden skeleton of the plane, next to the video game soldier moving through the COD:WW flying-boat and it was a mirror image. Pretty cool.

Anyways, onto the level itself…

You are in the Pacific and engaging Japanese vessels… well… basically a fleet. Hey, it’s a video game, they have to make it fun, lol. Your Flying-Boat has 3 turrets, two of which are aft on either side, and the other is under the cockpit. Your job is to man the turrets while rotating between each depending on the target. Switching between the turrets is animated (mo-capped) by the Cirque Du Soleil performer and will occur with the press of the Action button.

So, basically you let loose on the turrets and wreak havoc on the opposition, but unlike other games, it isn’t simply getting enough bullets into a boat to sink it. You need to go for the spot lights on the boats first, as that will lessen the flack fire coming your way. Then, shoot at the hull or bridge and cripple it. Damage is specific to the area you target, so if you say… shoot the deck, floorboards will splinter up. It isn’t generic damage where you shoot the boat and different places blow up in sequence regardless of where you are shooting. It’s area specific, which is nice.

While you’re shooting, you’ll realize that you need to lead your target depending on your vector in relation to the boat, it’s easy to see this by watching your bullet path splatter through the surf, which again, is really fun to watch. Targets are a-plenty, and you need to be on your game, the fellas at the Studio make it look easy… but dam, there’s a lot going on in that ocean with seemingly endless targets.

Eventually this level ends like the others with a faded screen and To Be Continued… scrolling across. It looks to be really unique and quite a bit of fun, as a result, is one that I am really looking forward to.
Sniper (unofficial name) (Russian Campaign)

You enter the level as a Russian soldier dizzy and confused, the screen is shaking and everyone around you appears to be dead. Voices of German Infantry can be heard until they eventually appear; the enemy platoon walks past you apparently checking bodies to make sure they are dead. Once they move on, your senses set in and you come back to awareness. Across from you awakens a Russian sniper, who is apparently a higher rank because he guides the mission from here on out. Enter actual Gameplay.

The sniper instructs you to take his rifle since he is unable to wield it, due to a wound. You take the rifle from him and he teaches you how to snipe, waiting for the perfect moment, being the hunter. You hear and see German infantry walking about and he instructs you to wait as a tank rumbles by.

At this point you take aim for your first kill shot and wait until a soldier strafes behind a sitting German, pull the trigger – bang, down the two of them go with a single bullet. You waited and waited, only firing your kill-shot when the roar of planes overhead deafened your shot not to reveal your existence. A dog did take notice however and comes after you and your comrade. In the demo, a skilled hip-shot took down the mutt; perhaps a melee would be even more rewarding.

Your instructor (Russian Sniper) teaches you the art of being a sniper and the thrill of the hunt. How a sniper stalks and takes down his enemy, waiting until the precise moment, hunting your enemy… until… you become the hunted. A German sniper has spotted you while rattling off an ineffective shot. Your leader motions to you and makes a dart for a building; you follow and get in safely through a window.

Not sure of the exact sequence of events here, but you are in the house and spot the building that the German sniper is in. The Russian sniper is playing the role of spotter while you are watching the building intently, there are many windows and the enemy sniper never shows himself for more than an instant in the same window (Also mind you, the window the sniper appears in is totally random, so if you replay the level, it won’t be the same the next time). You have to be quick to the trigger with steady aim, as the enemy sniper is pretty darn difficult to spot and shoot before disappearing – also, because as he appears, he is shooting at you.

You take him down eventually and your shot is heard, bringing enemy infantry to your position. You can hear them outside and then MG fire rains in upon the two of you, among Molotov Cocktails which ignite your inhabitance into an inferno. The only way to go is Up since the enemy has surrounded you. So, you climb the stairs while following your leader, once up top you are on the run when the floor gives way and you fall through catching yourself. The screen starts to flash the trademark Call of Duty red damage pattern when your comrade comes back and pulls you up. You get out and run forward and that was it… To Be Continued scrolled across the screen.

This level which we will dub “Sniper” for the time being, was a real treat since we were the first people on the planet to see it outside of the teams at Treyarch and ATVI. When we arrived, it concluded a span of press weeks where this was not shown to them, it wasn’t ready. We were the first to experience it visually, and it reeked of the essence of the Call of Duty franchise, for those of you whom know what I am speaking.



There will not be a beta but their is still the possibility of a demo.

Consoles: 1-18
PC's: 1-32
Co-op: 2-4

Some modes will have 2 players,8,12,and 18.

CoD: WaW will include four-player online co-op for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, while the console versions will also allow soldiers to pair up offline for local split-screen gameplay, with "a unique co-op mode for two players" reserved for soldiers waggling on the Wii. However, the game's online focus won't end with simply gunning down enemy soldiers and offering moral support to buddies trying to make it through the game's "darker themes." Activision notes that Call of Duty: World at War will shell out persistent experience points to players participating in both competitive and cooperative online battles, as well as a difficulty curve that will scale depending on a player's experience rank and rank of the player's friends.

Multiplayer looks a lot like COD4:MW, in regards to the Graphic User Interface and Gameplay. Those who love the predecessor, will feel right at home. Party lobby, load screens, map selection, etc., all look quite familiar.

Perks – Yes, they are indeed back. To answer the overwhelming concern, last I heard, yes, Martyrdom and Juggernaught will be making a return. They will be balanced by counter perks and it’s being discussed whether perks such as Martyrdom & Last Stand will be viable if you do not still have that perk’s tool in your arsenal (Realism v Gameplay).

XP – Experience points are back, you can earn them in MP as well as in Co-op in order to unlock new weapons, attachments, etc. Again, Challenges take the place of online Achievements and will add to your overall XP. Keep in mind, what your skill is in MP, will determine what the AI is in online Co-op. Since you earn XP in Co-op, the better you are, the harder the AI opposition will be!

Maps – The first SP map Maikin Raid was an MP map (not sure of the name). Kind of cool because if you are say… getting shot at in a hut, you can shoot out a wall, jump in the water, and flank your enemy. There was another map with a big building, good short-medium range, and another that was more urban warfare type in the streets. Names at the time were still TBD, so I’m not going to go into specifics on those. The urban street map, was in a night setting though.

Kill Streak Bonus - Yes, they are back. At 3 kills you can launch a spy drone (they did exist in WWII) analogous to the UAV, at 5 kills you can call in an artillery strike, at 7… No one knows what it'll be but I’d bet something will be there to reward the gamer.

Attachments - They will be back but instead of a red dot sight, you can get an iron cross sight. On what guns and such, I’m not sure. This is the only one I saw. I’m sure many did indeed exist in WWII and will be present.

Their will be Vehicles in “Certain Gametypes.” Not all Gametypes will include vehicles, so those who like them can play them, and vice-versa.


A flamethrower will be available in the game, and is apparently based off of the design and handling of the armament in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This lethal weapon can burn the skin off of your enemies.

The player is able to shoot through cover, "with enough bullets, the player causes enough damage to one of the walls to create a hole big enough to walk through."

The game allows you to swim for the first time in the series, although movement will be severely limited, with your character only capable of walking at half speed.

You can use all the nations weapons even if you are on the other nation, just like in COD4, if your playing as an American you can still have a Kar98k in one of your classes.

Their will be 65 levels(ranks) and will have prestige(number of prestiges unknown).

The Flamethrower is rumored of being a perk.

Private matches will be similar to COD4.

Their will be a party system similar to COD4's, The highest amount of players in a party will be 9.

Their will not be a map editor for consoles but their will be one for PC's.

Capture The Flag will be making a return in World at War.

Their will be online and single player achivements.

Their will be a create-a-class system similar to COD4's.

Players will be able to climb up trees and snipe from them.



M1A1 Thompson (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
M1A1 Carbine (Screenshot)
M1 Garand (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Trench Shotgun (Screenshot)
Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R) (Co-op)
M1903 Springfield (Screenshot)
M1903 Springfield Scoped (Screenshot)
M2 Flamethrower (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
M1911 (also known as Colt 45) (Co-op)
Bajonet (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
M9 Bazooka (Co-op)
Browning M1919A6 (Screenshot)
M2 Machine Gun (Screenshot)


MK2 Frag Grenade (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Smoke Grenade (Trailer)
Satchel Charges (Screenshot)
Mines (Can't be seen)

Russian Weapons:

TT-33 (Screenshot&Trailer)
Mosin Nagant (Screenshot&Trailer)
Mosin Nagant Scoped (Screenshot)
PPSH (71 round Drum Magazine) (Screenshot)
PPSH (31 round Banana Magazine) (Trailer)
Bajonet (Trailer&Screenshot)


RGD-33 (Trailer&Screenshot)

German Weapons:

P08 Luger (Screenshot)
Kar98 (Screenshot)
Kar98 scoped (Screenshot)
MP44 (Screenshot)
MP40 (Screenshot)
MG42 (Screenshot)
MG34 (Screenshot)
Knife (Screenshot)


Stielhandgranate (Screenshot)

Japanese Weapons:

Nambu 14 (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Arisaka Type 99 (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Type 100 Submachine gun (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Bajonet (Screenshot&Trailer&Co-op)
Katana (Screenshot&Trailer)


Kiska Grenade (Screenshot)

British Weapons:

Sten (Screenshot)

This game will have 65 levels and will have prestige(# of prestige not confirmed, but we assume 10)
Swimming - Yes, but we believe that there will be a perk to swim faster.
Will have all type of vehicles except air(artillery will be the only thing coming from air which you can get at a 5 kill streak)
You can still use all weapons even if you’re on the other nation(just like in COD4,if your an American you can still have a Kar98k in one of your classes)
Flamethrower is rumoured of being a perk. We still are not sure of this.
The limit of players online is 18 like in COD4(some modes will have anywhere from 2 to 18 players)
Private matches will be similar like in COD4.
There will be Co-op(4 players online or 2 playera via split-screen)
There will be destructible environments.
Party system similar to COD4 (Highest party up to 9 players)
Hardcore Mode - We assume that as in COD4, there will be some hardcore modes.
Map editor for consoles - No. We are pretty sure that there will be a map editor for PC only.
Beta - No, there will not be a beta. We are almost 100% positive of this.
Demo - Yes, there will likely be a demo that would be a free download to PSN or Xbox Live users.
Capture the flag - CTF will make a return in this game.
Bazooka will be a regular weapon not a perk.
Attachments - Iron sights are all we know of now, but there may be some types of developmental silencers.
Camo - We are pretty sure that there will be weapon camo. We are unsure of ghillie camo though.
You can climb trees as if they were ladders.
Create-a-Class similar to COD4
There will be challenges just like in COD4 for extra XP and there will be some special challenges for Co-op for some more XP.
There will be online and single player achievements.
On the Playstation Network, we can assume that there will be trophy achievements.

GameStop and the Call of Duty: World At War team have partnered for an exclusive pre-sell offer!

To give an advantage to the multiplayer elite on day 1, pre-order through GameStop and you’ll instantly get access to the M1A1 Carbine Assault Rifle! The M1A1 is a high-level (15+) assault rifle which you can have from the moment you start playing multiplayer.

[photo of weapon in use-go to INTEL section to see]

The powerful M1A1 gives you the advantage with:

A much larger magazine-size than starting rifles so you can get more kills without slowing to reload.
Pin-tight targeting sight helps with quicker aiming for accurate take downs and headshots.
Lighting-fast semi-automatic firing gives you kill speeds you’ll need to blow away your competition.

If you actulay read all that, congradulations!

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wow gamexxover.. good shit man. Thanks for the read.

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