Will the 360 be Godzilla in the Land of the rising Sun?

Date: Thursday, August 04 @ 18:35:27 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Seems like the 360 may just have a shot in japan.
Not only will the console probably be cheaper and of the same quality as the PS3, but two Xbox 360 games were on the Japan's Most Wanted Chart in the week of July 31, 2005-
The games Blu Dragon and Dead or Alive 4 appeared on the charts.
While both games have been on the chart before, only one has been consistently on the chart, while at the same time the game has always been low on the chart. The chart this week shows Blu Dragon all the way up at 14 and Dead or Alive 4 at 17. Blu Dragon is from Japanese developers that have worked on projects as varied as Panzer Dragoon Orta and Final Fantasy.
The 360, set to launch on December in Japan, and has more support from Japan than the Xbox.


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