Red Art Games Announces First Physical Xbox Game 'Sophstar'

Date: Friday, February 16 @ 14:13:31 UTC
Topic: Gaming

The official online store of RED ART GAMES (@REDARTGAMES) now features physical Xbox games. The first game to join the Xbox physical lineup is Sophstar, a vertical Shoot ‘em Up developed by Banana Bytes and ported to Xbox One by Red Art Studios, the internal studio of Red Art Games. 999 physical Xbox One copies will be released on March 1st.

Red Art Games Announces First Physical Xbox Game, Sophstar, and Teases More to Come

Sophstar is a vertical arcade shoot'em up with an inventive teleport system, lots of fast-blazing action and explosions, tons of boss fights, a risk/reward-based score system, and a proper challenge for both veteran and new players of the genre.

Sub-Lieutenant Soph has lived in Galanian for her whole life, having no memory of when her existence started, and no idea of how she developed her teleporting powers. But after being sent for a recon mission, all of what she knows about herself is about to change.

Go to to preorder your very own copy of Sophstar on Xbox One!

Physical copies of Sophstar can be pre-ordered from Red Art Games’ official online store right now for €24.99. More physical Xbox games will soon be announced, including brand new titles and some very exciting surprises.

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