Coherence 1.0 will launch on June 1st with many new features

Date: Wednesday, May 03 @ 04:42:09 UTC
Topic: Gaming

coherence (@coherenceio), a network engine that enables developers to create multiplayer games with unprecedented ease and flexibility, announced that it will release its version 1.0 on June 1st. The launch marks the end of the early access period for coherence.

Coherence 1.0, the game creation platform, will launch on June 1st with many new features.

coherence offers developers a powerful set of tools that allows them to have working multiplayer prototypes running in a matter of minutes. It is open, easy-to-use, and highly scalable, offering everyone from the world’s biggest studios, to small indie teams, a highly-intuitive and streamlined way of creating, testing and deploying real-time multiplayer games.

With the release of the 1.0 version of coherence, a number of exciting new features are being added. Most groundbreaking is the support for players or developers to self-host their games without requiring the use of any centralized server infrastructure. coherence combines the ability to do costless self-hosting with innovative coherence exclusive features coming in the planned roadmap, only possible on the coherence flexible architecture. This will open up a variety of possibilities not seen before. Besides this, there is also a new lobby room system providing matchmaking and lobby services, a revamped network manager, support for very large game worlds, full control over persistence data, TCP fallback, which allows a graceful fallback to TCP where the default UDP communication is not possible, for example on mobile phones, Sample UI 2.0, which expands the set of connection dialog implementations developers can import, own and customize, and more.

Developers can also look forward to news on the broadening of coherence compatibility beyond its current full Unity integration, details on partners using the tech to create incredible multiplayers experiences, as well as information on the roadmap for the powerful network engine in the near future.

For more information on coherence, or to sign-up early to try coherence for free, head over to the official site.

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