The Chant Is Out Now For Xbox Series X|S & PC

Date: Friday, November 25 @ 01:14:42 UTC
Topic: Xbox One

The Chant (@TheChantGame), the cosmic action horror game developed by Brass Token (@brasstokengames) and published by Prime Matter (@primemattergg), is now available for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Single Player Horror-Action-Adventure Game 'The Chant' Out Today For Xbox Series X|S And PC

The Chant is an action horror game set on the tormented grounds of a new age cult, that fulfills players’ thrill of supernatural horrors dealing with the dark sides of spirituality and cultism, and untangles terrifying revelations about the universe. While exploring a remote island’s twisted past, you must fight and escape the psychedelic terrors awakened by a spiritual retreat gone wrong.

It's time for Jess to pack her clothes, get in the boat, and head to a remote island for her spiritual retreat. The Pacific Northwest coast is beautiful at this time of year. She goes in search of enlightenment, but things take an unexpected and terrifying twist. She must choose: Fight or flee?

Can Jess survive the unfolding horror, reverse the chaos and find her inner peace?

The Chant is is out now on Xbox Series X|S and PC!

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