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Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Review

Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Review
Published by: HQM0NSTERB0Y on Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Tagged: Hardware, Xbox 360,

Team Xecuterís "360 RROD Fix" Review

By Joel Kuntz (frozenfire12) www.360-Hq.com
Supplier: www.Divineo.com

The guy's over at www.Divineo.com have recently given 360-Hq the opportunity to review "Team Xecuterís RROD Fix" which can be used to fix most Red Ring Of Death (RROD) errors for the Xbox 360. Our review and associated tutorial is based purely on preventative measures for the RROD but we will make an educated guess on how well this will work for fixing the RROD itself since our team have fixed 100's of RROD machines. Thanks must go to our friends at www.Divineo.com for hooking us up.

To start the review we will first explain a bit of background information. If you are on the 360-Hq homepage click read more to check out the full review!

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360 Evolution RC1 - Game Save Editor, Xbox 360 Containers

360 Evolution RC1 - Game Save Editor, Xbox 360 Containers
Published by: forahobby on Thursday, February 18, 2010
Tagged: Gaming, Homebrew, Xbox 360,

360 Evolution is a revolutionary Xbox 360 editor which allows the end user to Display and Modify information contained within Xbox 360 Container (CON, LIVE, PIRS) files, Save Game files (Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, etc.).

A revolutionary Xbox 360 editor which allows the end user to Display and Modify information contained within Xbox 360 Container (CON, LIVE, PIRS) files, Save Game files (Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, etc.).

* Hardware
o Xbox 360
o XPort / XSATA - See CodeJunkies for further information.
o XPort 360 / XPlorer 360 - Included in Download
* Software
o .NET Framework 3.5 - Built into application.

Known Bugs
* Settings
o Background does not save and has been disabled. (Workaround: In the settings.xml file, add a complete filesystem path between .)

Official Site: http://blueshadowz.info
360-Hq Homebrew Database: 360 Evolution RC1

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Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Review

Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 Review
Published by: jay2k3 on Sunday, October 15, 2006
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

A few weeks ago I drew your attention to Turtle Beachís Ear Force X1 Headphones. Well this week Iím here to offer up a full review of these headphones.

Ear Force X1 amplified headphones give serious gamers the ultimate competitive edge by combining Xbox Live chat and stereo game audio into an immersive sound experience.

Click to Enlarge the Image

X1's integrated design overcomes the limitation of communicator headsets that block game sound from one ear and eliminates voice chat interference caused by the headset microphone picking up sound from external speakers.

  • High-quality, comfortable, amplified headphones with a built-in microphone for game audio the way it was meant to be heard.
  • Boosts the sound level for a spectacular gaming experience. Features a game audio volume control and microphone mute.
  • The included 'puck' lets you connect the amplifier unit to the Xbox controller, so you can communicate with friends and foes during your gaming session. Xbox Live chat volume is also adjusted from here.
  • The included splitter cable lets you keep your existing speakers (or TV) plugged in, so you can easily switch between speakers and headphones.

    What I used to test this item with:
    Burnout Revenge,
    Call of Duty 2.
    Built-in Music Player:
    Jazz, Techno, 80ís Ska & Standard Chart Music.

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    Xbox Live Activity week of 4/23

    Xbox Live Activity week of 4/23
    Published by: endless on Saturday, April 28, 2007
    Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

    Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (UUís)
    1 Gears of War
    2 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
    3 Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Demo
    4 Guitar Hero II
    5 Call Of Duty 3
    6 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
    7 GRAW 2
    8 Oblivion
    9 Crackdown
    10 Pro Evolution Soccer 6

    Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions)
    1 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
    2 Pinball FX
    3 Castlevania: SOTN
    4 TMNT 1989 Arcade
    5 Boom Boom Rocket
    6 UNO
    7 Worms
    8 Eets: Chowdown
    9 Gyruss
    10 Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting

    Original Xbox Top Live Games
    1 Halo 2
    2 Battlefield 2: MC
    3 Counter-Strike
    4 Forza Motorsport
    5 Madden NFL 07
    6 Call of Duty 3
    7 Star Wars: Battlfrnt 2
    8 Street Fighter Anniv.
    9 MechAssault 2
    10 Ghost Recon 2

    News-Source: http://www.majornelson.com

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    wxRipper v1.2 and wx360 v1.6

    wxRipper v1.2 and wx360 v1.6
    Published by: forahobby on Sunday, January 29, 2006
    Tagged: Homebrew, Xbox 360,

    Gael360 released a new version of his tools to dump Xbox 360 discs with a PC DVD-drive using an hot-swap method (means you'll have to open your drive - see previous news). This is a translation from french to english of what he said on the gueux forums about the new release:

    I just released a big update of my tools, you will now be able to find the 'magic number' immediatly, without having to scan an unknown Xbox 360 DVD.
    So there's no longer a difference between known and unknown games, they will all be detected/dumped the same way.

    The advantage of this method is that you will be able to use wx360 directly to open the content of the DVD without having to dump it first. After doing the hot-swap you'll just have to open wx360, select the DVD-drive and click the DVD icon.
    wxRipper will thus have a feature to find the 'magic number' immediately, without scanning the Xbox 360 DVD. The features related to dumping did not change.

    Official Site: http://bouclier.free.fr
    Download wxRipper v1.2 (includes wx360 v1.6): https://www.360-hq.com/download.html

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    ISO2GOD v1.3.5 Released - Windows and Linux

    ISO2GOD v1.3.5 Released - Windows and Linux
    Published by: forahobby on Friday, December 31, 2010
    Tagged: Homebrew, Xbox 360,

    KrK / Team 360h released a new version of ISO2GOD with full support for Windows and Linux.

    "ISO2GOD" is a pc tool used to convert Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 ISO images into Games on Demand containers, removing the need for a DVD drive.

    This app now comes in two variants, one with an installer to things a bit quicker for Windows users and one without an installer for Linux users. If you intend to use Iso2God on Linux you'll need to install Wine and Mono.

    This release fixes a bug with the generation of CON headers where the Media ID has not been written correctly. If you run GODs from NXE this isn't an issue, but it will break the automated TU downloader in FSD when used on GODs.

    Existing GODs can be fixed by writing the Media ID in the container header at offset 0x354. The Media ID should be written as hex values, eg: "45013401" -> 0x45, 0x01, 0x34, 0x01

    XexTool v6.0 is now bundled to support reading details from newer XEXs.

    ISO2GOD Features
    - ISO to Games on Demand container conversion
    - Support for XSF and GDF/XDVDFS ISOs
    - Automatically reads title info from ISO default.xex
    vMultiple I2G conversions can be queued up to run
    - Requires .NET Framework 2.0

    Whats New/Fixed v1.3.5::
    - Media ID now written to CON header correctly.
    - XexTool v6.0 now included to support newer XEXs.

    360-HQ Download: ISO2GOD v1.3.5
    360-HQ Homebrew Database: ISO2GOD

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