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Sega's new arcade board based on Xbox 360?

Sega's new arcade board based on Xbox 360?
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Friday, July 15, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

Reports from Japan say Microsoft's next-generation home console provides the tech for the House of the Dead 4 machine.

Recently, Sega staged a beta test in Tokyo for House of the Dead 4, the forthcoming light-gun shooter that uses the company's new "Lindbergh" arcade board. At the time, rumors began to circulate that the new board--which displays games in a 16:9 widescreen format--was based on the Xbox 360.

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500 MHz of pure love..

500 MHz of pure love..
Published by: Loki77 on Friday, July 15, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

The r500 chip is running at 500 MHz speeds- this helps Developers meeting a october/november luanch.
Microsoft says this is the final clock speed of the chip, but there are reports that the chip can go higher- if this is true expect the Developers of the 360 to have the ablilty to do some serious overclocking.
Playstation 3's RSX GPU eveloped by Nvidia is said to run at speeds of 550 MHz. Its skeptical for people to say "hey, the number is bigger- so its better."
this isnt always true. The xbox 360's archtechture is "unified" unlike the PS3's design. The 360 might very well be the power house of the next generation.


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Xbox 360 in Black (Smokin')

Xbox 360 in Black (Smokin')
Published by: patto on Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

' This is not an official Microsoft picture, it's a render made by Nydendarin on the TeamXbox forums '
It gives you an idea how the Xbox360 would look like with a metallic black color.

At this moment it's unknown if the Xbox 360 will be available in other colors besides the original silver look, but it's likely Microsoft will release Special Editions of the console later on with different colors like they did with the current generation Xbox.

News-Source: http://www.teamxbox.com

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Major Nelson and Michael Wolf podcast interview

Major Nelson and Michael Wolf podcast interview
Published by: patto on Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

' Michael Wolf (Xbox Live PR Team) and Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb - Xbox Live Director of Programming) expose new features of the Xbox 360 in a exclusive interview on the "Geek Speak Radio" podcast '
In this interview they discussed: - Wireless controller details
- Interaction with Windows XP and Media Center PC
- Connectivity with USB device's like the iPod
- GamerZone details
- The difference between Gold & Silver accounts

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IBM preparing to build ATI R500 for Xbox 360

IBM preparing to build ATI R500 for Xbox 360
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

ATI WON'T BE making R500 chips for Microsoft's Xbox 360. ATI's job was to design those chips and to give the designs back to Microsoft to get them produced.

ATI would have had to help Microsoft with tape outs and with design tweaking, as those guys at ATI designed the R500 Xbox 360 GPU. But developers are now getting the "Real" hardware still based on G5 MACs but this time with real R500 graphic cards inside. This means that R500 chip is taped out and that it is working but we don’t know whether this is the final chip that Microsoft plans to ship at later date.

Microsoft plans to ship hundreds of thousands if not even millions of Xbox 360 consoles world wide from October, so it has to have at least that many R500 chips to power those consoles.

We heard few times that Microsoft will get both R500 and CPUs from IBM’s Fishkill factory in New York. We cannot confirm this at this date but it sounds very likely to us.

It’s interesting to note that ATI might work with the people who were not so successful in bringing Nvidia’s NV30 chip, as this chip was made at IBM’s Fishkill Fab. We should not blame IBM’s factory as it was Nvidia’s fault mostly - but still we find Microsoft's choice of Fab quite interesting.

We think the Vole knows what its doing as it really wants half of the console market. It has a nasty competitor called Sony and its Playstation 3 as you probably know by now.

We already wrote that Nvidia and Sony will get RSX GPUs from Sony's Nagasaki Fab2 facility as well as at OTSS.

News-Source: http://www.theinquirer.net

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The Xbox 360 Launch Line-up According to TeamXbox.com

The Xbox 360 Launch Line-up According to TeamXbox.com
Published by: patto on Sunday, July 10, 2005
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox 360,

Halo. Perhaps the most important launch title of all time. You could easily argue that there have been better console launch titles, but it’s hard to discount how important Halo has been to the success of the Xbox. Face it - launch titles can make or break a console. Launch titles also set the tone for the system, giving gamers a pretty good glimpse at what to expect in the future. Put a bad taste in a gamer’s mouth with a paltry, unimpressive launch lineup, and hear them all mutter “Dreamcast 2” under their breath.

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