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Xbox 360 News

Catch up on everything Xbox including the latest Gaming News, Release Dates, DLC, Xbox Live and Modding..

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The Xbox 360 Launch Line-up According to TeamXbox.com

The Xbox 360 Launch Line-up According to TeamXbox.com
Published by: patto on Sunday, July 10, 2005

Halo. Perhaps the most important launch title of all time. You could easily argue that there have been better console launch titles, but it’s hard to discount how important Halo has been to the success of the Xbox. Face it - launch titles can make or break a console. Launch titles also set the tone for the system, giving gamers a pretty good glimpse at what to expect in the future. Put a bad taste in a gamer’s mouth with a paltry, unimpressive launch lineup, and hear them all mutter “Dreamcast 2” under their breath.

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Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Friday, July 08, 2005

Reports out of the US suggest 360 pre-orders have already drained stocks - before they're even on the shelves.

Stocks of Xbox 360 consoles are already critically low because of rampant pre-ordering, according to reports emanating from US retailers.

The reports, which remain speculation at this point, suggest that numerous large US retailers including EB Games and Gamestop have already exhausted their early stock allocations.

It seems that the demand for Microsoft's next-gen machine has been so great that a huge number of customers have pre-ordered their Xbox 360s - possibly resulting in empty store shelves when the console actually launches in November.

The news will cause distress for Microsoft, which was hit by severe Xbox stock shortages in the run-up to last Christmas. Also, potential Xbox 360 shortages could complicate the console's planned worldwide launch - it's expected to release in the US, Europe and Asia within weeks of each other in November.

But the Redmond-based giant seemed unphased by the reports when we contacted it for comment. "Excitement for Xbox 360 is running high," said a spokesperson, "and we're working with our manufacturing partners to ensure we meet worldwide demand for Xbox 360 this Christmas."

News-Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com

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Inside Xbox 360: An interview with Jeff Henshaw

Inside Xbox 360: An interview with Jeff Henshaw
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Friday, July 08, 2005

Paul Thurrott got the chance to visit Microsoft's campus and interview Jeff Henshaw, the Executive Producer for Xbox Digital Entertainment. The first part of the interview, which you can find here, takes a look deep inside Xbox 360 while the second part focuses on the Xbox 360 Dashboard, the Marketplace, the new Xbox Live and the media experiences user will enjoy with the Xbox 360.

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XBox 360 Debug kit!!!

XBox 360 Debug kit!!!
Published by: Loki77 on Friday, July 08, 2005

Kotaku.com has recently gotten a hold a pic, showing the Xbox 360 Beta kit! Its the black box next to the clear case.


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Not enough space for the next generation.

Not enough space for the next generation.
Published by: Loki77 on Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tomonobu Itagaki, head of Team Ninja is voiceing concerns about the future of Xbox Media. He is saying that each xbox disc only hold 9GB, which may not be enough for HD video. Saying that DoA4 Video scenes, after rendered in HD, are a total of 2Gb, leaving 7Gb for game space- which he says is fine for Dead or Alive, but Microsoft should increase disc size, some developers may require aloft more space for theres games than expected.


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Foxlink, Ji-Haw to mass supply Xbox 360 connectors in August

Foxlink, Ji-Haw to mass supply Xbox 360 connectors in August
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Thursday, July 07, 2005

Two Taiwan companies, Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co. (Foxlink) and Ji-Haw Industrial Co., Ltd., have won orders for connectors used on the new-generation game consoles Xbox 360 from Microsoft of the U.S.

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