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The Now Playing area is so you can show all our other members what games you are currently playing and what tournaments you may be interested in.Number of Games: 574
Last Activity: August 29, 2008

Now Playing

TitleGenreHQ RatingMy Rating
007 LegendsShooter8.10
1 vs. 100Xbox Live Arcade7.90
3 on 3 NHL ArcadeXbox Live Arcade7.80
4 Elements II Special Edition (Win 8)Windows 88.50
A Kingdom for KeflingsXbox Live Arcade7.40
A World of KeflingsXbox Live Arcade7.60
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track PackMusic/Dance7.50
Ace Combat: Assault HorizonFlying8.70
Adera: Episode 1 (Win 8)Windows 88.50
Adventure TimeAction00
Aegis WingXbox Live Arcade6.97
Afro SamuraiAction7.40
Age of Empires OnlineRPG80
Alan WakeSurvival/Horror8.60
Alice: Madness ReturnsAdventure7.80
Alien Breed EvolutionXbox Live Arcade7.60
Aliens vs PredatorAction/Shooter8.20
Aliens: Colonial MarinesFirst Person Shooter/Sci-Fi7.80
Alone in the DarkAction7.20
Alpha ProtocolRPG7.20
Amped 3Sports/Extreme Sports5.80
Angry Birds ClassicWindows Phone 800
Angry Birds TrilogyAction7.80
AquaXbox Live Arcade8.10
Arcania: Gothic 4RPG7.60
Armored Core for AnswerAction7.50
Army of TwoFirst Person Shooter7.90
Army of Two: The 40th DayFirst Person Shooter7.70
Ascend: Hand of KulXbox Live Arcade00
Avatar KinectKinect7.20
Back to the FutureAdventure40
Band HeroMusic/Dance8.60
Banjo-KazooieXbox Live Arcade8.00
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & BoltsAction/Adventure8.30
Banjo-TooieXbox Live Arcade7.70
Batman: Arkham AsylumAction/Adventure8.70
Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC)Games for Windows00
Batman: Arkham CityAction/Adventure8.80
Batman: Arkham OriginsAction/Adventure8.90
Batman: The Telltale SeriesAdventure6.70
BattleBlock TheaterXbox Live Arcade7.70
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatFirst Person Shooter/Modern8.00
Battlefield 3First Person Shooter/Modern8.90
Battlefield: 1943Xbox Live Arcade9.10
Battlefield: Bad CompanyFirst Person Shooter/Modern8.60
Battlefield: Bad Company 2First Person Shooter/Action9.30
Battlestations: MidwayReal Time Strategy6.50
Bejeweled 2Xbox Live Arcade6.80
Bejeweled Blitz LiveXbox Live Arcade6.70
Beyond Good & Evil HDXbox Live Arcade80
Binary DomainAction/Shooter80
Bionic CommandoAction80
BioshockFirst Person Shooter/Action9.010
Bioshock 2First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi8.70
Bioshock 2 (PC)Games for Windows00
BioShock InfiniteFirst Person Shooter/RPG9.20
Blacklight: Tango DownXbox Live Arcade7.40
BlackSite: Area 51First Person Shooter/Action7.30
Bloody Good TimeXbox Live Arcade8.40
Blue DragonRPG8.00
BodyCountFirst Person Shooter/Action7.20
Bomberman: Act ZeroAction7.50
Boom Boom RocketXbox Live Arcade6.50
BorderlandsFirst Person Shooter/RPG9.10
Borderlands 2First Person Shooter/Action9.20
Borderlands: The Pre-SequelDLC9.20
BreezeWindows Phone 770
BRINKFirst Person Shooter8.60
Brutal LegendAction7.60
Bullet WitchAction/Adventure7.30
BulletstormFirst Person Shooter/Sci-Fi8.80
Bully: Scholarship EditionAction/Adventure7.70
Burger King: Big BumpinXbox Live Arcade5.60
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