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How to choose a comfortable class for playing World of ..

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How to choose a comfortable class for playing World of Warcraft

How to choose a comfortable class for playing World of Warcraft
Published by forahobby on Monday, December 26, 2022
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World of Warcraft is a cult MMO RPG that, due to its long history and constant release of updates, attracts players from all over the world who want to explore the lands of Azeroth and create new characters and buy a paid subscription for the main version of the game.

How to choose a comfortable class for playing World of Warcraft

To guess with the choice of a character to comply with the game meta, you should firstly take into account your inclinations of behavior in the game - what do you like more, PVP, or PVE, or pure farming and leveling professions and start from the choice when choosing a class. You should not be tied to a faction, because in WoW there has long been no factional inequality and it is worth choosing solely because of visual preferences.

Character development and equipment in top equipment and weapons costs a lot of gold, but you can always start over - you should not be afraid of this and just start farming again or buy World of Warcraft Gold in a special store.


Attacking melee class, with a lot of buffs for combat, farming, damage in PVP and PVE.

The main advantages of warriors are a lot of physical skills that can increase the level of protection, provoke opponents - not as high quality as a tank, nevertheless enough to partially keep opponents in the role of a semi-tank with the ability to Demage Diller.

The warrior feels great in raids and is in demand due to the ability to deal good damage to the boss and collateral damage to targets around - stuns, knockdowns and other destabilizing skills.


An offensive combat class that deals magic damage to one or more targets. The quality of the attacks depends on the magical potential of the caster itself and the magical defense of the target that gets damaged.

The mage is highly dependent on mana and has a low rate of physical defense, and the mage also does not cause strong damage to the boss in dungeons, but he is well versed with his retinue and massively destroys enemies in PVP, but he can also die quickly.

Types of mages:

  • Fire - fire and arson to deal additional damage over a certain period of time.

  • Ice - ice and slow as damage, slows the target and reduces all basic indicators due to frostbite.

The mage should always be behind the tanks and keep his distance.

The main enemy of mages is the dagger, who can quickly and quietly approach and has a chance to kill the caster with one hit. But there is a certain irony - both a mage can die and kill a robber just as quickly, so their duels are about attentiveness, difference in equipment and luck.


The hunter is a class that uses long-range weapons and light armor and can be either a master of shooting, traps and disguise, or a master of beasts - the ability to control formidable predators that will help the player destroy monsters, farm gold and deal heavy damage to boos and retinue in dungeons.

Shooting Master

Deals massive damage from a long distance with a bow or musket. One of the most powerful classes and an analogue of the magician in dealing single and massive damage.

It easily destroys targets with low physical armor, and if the enemy does not quickly close the distance, the hunter will calmly disguise himself and shoot the target from a long distance, and attempts to get closer may encounter cunning traps that will immobilize, stun and disorientate targets.

The Beast Mastery is a very autonomous class and doesn't need a group until late in the game and going into mythic dungeons.

The summoned beast will do everything, and the owner needs to maintain the pet's health level and enhance the character's characteristics so that they are transferred to the beast.

In the dungeon, the beast master is very effective and in demand in battle groups. Due to his pet, he can attack the boss and retinue, keep some of the damage on himself and re-summon his pet in any situation. The damage is strong and consistent, especially if there is a tank in the group that keeps the boss on him, allowing the beast to reach its potential.


A strong attacking class that deals damage with daggers and has combinations of skills to strike at the most vulnerable places of the target.

The rogue doesn't have great armor or health, but has stealth, high damage, and a high dodge stat.

He will easily deal with the mage, healer and other targets with low armor. A rogue can defeat archers if he can get close, and even tanks and warriors, through mobility and the right combination of damage, bleeding, stealth, and backstab while ignoring armor.

In a dungeon, in the presence of a tank, or a war, which will take the main damage, the robber will quickly and effectively destroy the enemy retinue and will deal heavy damage to the boss in the back, while inflicting negative effects that reduce health.
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