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Will Platform Exclusives Be Phased Out?

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Will Platform Exclusives Be Phased Out?

Will Platform Exclusives Be Phased Out?
Published by forahobby on Thursday, November 11, 2021
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The newest generation of consoles have been a resounding success as both the Playstation and Xbox releases have been the fastest-selling for each manufacturer – but the latest consoles have also brought more of the same as console exclusives continue to be a big part of the reason many users pick them up. This isn’t limited to just consoles, other platforms have plenty of titles specifically designed to only be played exclusively, with many more options that have been growing cross-platform with lists found here at irelandonlinecasinos.com for some of the biggest games of chance available across the different options – it has given rise to the question for another year, however, is it time for platform exclusives to be phased out, or are they here to stick around?

Will Platform Exclusives Be Phased Out?

For many publishers, their studios are directly tied and funded by the big manufacturers so it’s unlikely that the approach will ever change – they’re paid to make games specifically for that certain platform and many of their developers work in that way too, and with the experience in doing so it’s often where the big success from the platform come too with the die-hard fans that look to stick to their favorite games and support the studios that push them out.

There has been a change in approach recently, however, even for s studios that were primarily known for sticking to one platform – as a certain period of time passes which has typically been around a year or so, studios will look to publish their games on other platforms too – the updates do come slower, and support isn’t always as guaranteed, but the crossover is there. Combine this with the growing trend for cross-platform play and it does bridge the gap that previously existed in a much bigger way.

Finally, there’s emulation, whilst not something that’s targeted towards the newest releases as that takes time, emulation has grown in a much bigger way so games from different platforms can often be played on systems they’re not designed for. This is largely aimed at PC gaming as players look to explore console exclusives, but even this market may be shrinking somewhat as developers are more likely to release the biggest titles on PC simultaneously with console too.

For now, platform exclusives will stick around but they are seeing a lot of change with more support to be accessed at least overtime where they may not have before, and cross-play options bring the audiences together – the big console divide that had existed before is much smaller than it used to be, and the melding of exclusives have slowed the ‘console war’ that may have been around previously.
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