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Rover Mechanic Simulator available now for Xbox One and..

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Rover Mechanic Simulator available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X!

Rover Mechanic Simulator available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X!
Published by forahobby on Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Mechanic Simulator
, the new game from Pyramid Games (@PyramidLab) that lets you become a NASA Martian Rover mechanic, is OUT NOW for Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. Welcome to Mars!

Rover Mechanic Simulator for XBOX

In Rover Mechanic Simulator, players take on the role of a mechanic who repairs and maintains rovers in the first Martian colony. The gameplay consists on carrying out different assignments. Once you familiarise yourself with the problem, you need to analyse it, find a solution and carry out the entire repair process. Sometimes it is necessary, for example, to create a new part using a 3D printer. The gameplay is additionally diversified by, among others, hidden retro mini-games.

Players will be able to use several types of rovers (Sojourner, Curiosity, Opportunity and Spirit) and the helicopter drone Ingenuity. Each model has been recreated in detail based on NASA's technical documentation. For example, the Curiosity rover in Rover Mechanic Simulator consists of 437 different parts.

Our game combines relaxing gameplay and educational elements. The individual models of rovers are distinguished by a high level of realism. Our graphic artists have spent many months studying the documentation of the actual equipment to reflect its construction as accurately as possible. Of course, some gameplay-related simplifications were necessary. For example, you have to remember that rovers are designed with a one-way journey in mind, and here we can repair them and fully restore their capabilities. Due to this, we have replaced the original rivets with screws” – said Jacek Wyszyński, CEO at Pyramid Games S.A.

Players can use a variety of tools, including a crane, shredder, soldering iron or 3D printer. Progress in Rover Mechanic Simulator also goes hand in hand with the character and skill development system, which is based on the experience points you earn. As the developers indicate, the simulator offers a total of about a dozen hours of relaxing gameplay.

Rover Mechanic Simulator – features:

  • the career of a Martian mechanic;

  • relaxing and educational gameplay;

  • faithfully reproduced rovers;

  • character and skill development system;

  • varied and engaging assignments.

Rover Mechanic Simulator is available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is expected to release in the months ahead on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Rover Mechanic Simulator Digital Download

Microsoft Store: here
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