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Backwards Compatibility may be the Key to Xbox Series X..

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Backwards Compatibility may be the Key to Xbox Series X Success

Backwards Compatibility may be the Key to Xbox Series X Success
Published by forahobby on Monday, May 18, 2020
Tagged: Gaming, Hardware, Xbox One,

The hype is ramping up for the next generation of consoles, with the Xbox Series X appearing to be going all-out to break the momentum gained by the PlayStation 4 for Sony. However, regardless of how iconic they’ve made the new console appear, or however many updated titles are released - as we reported at www.360-hq.com on the Xbox One X enhanced games list; it will all ultimately come down to the console’s unique selling points.

Backwards Compatibility may be the Key to Xbox Series X Success

Regular releases of top-class exclusives have been the decisive factor in the past. Still, in the age of nostalgia-run entertainment and increasingly expensive gaming, perhaps another strategy could see the Microsoft console come out on top. This strategy would be to offer the console as the ultimate method of rekindling a love of classic games, merely building off of an extensive range already in place on Xbox systems.

Make backwards compatible games core to the Xbox Series X

Microsoft has already announced that the Xbox Series X will be taking backwards compatibility to the next level. The team has doubled down on the strategy, saying that the thousands of backwards compatible games on the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will be coming to the new console and will play even better than before. To really drill in this selling-point and call back so many fans of the past, Microsoft should go further than merely just providing the games.

To make a real statement of intent that catches headlines that simply cannot be claimed by the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X – either through Game Pass or Gold – should offer all Xbox and 360 backwards compatible games for free. Free gaming has become a core aspect of modern gaming, with the success of Fortnite and its ilk proving such on consoles.

In the further industry, in the online casino sector, for example, the extensive range of titles made free to play at vegasslotsonline.com prove that 'free gaming' is an intrinsic factor in attracting any modern demographic. People flock to these platforms when there’s any product on offer, especially if those slots and games, such as Buffalo and Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome, are pay-to-play elsewhere.

Microsoft and the development teams have already made a good amount of money from initial sales, and also Xbox One backwards compatible sales. Putting the classic games up for free in some way through the Xbox Series X would immediately make it a must-have console for long-time gamers.

Make games more accessible to Xbox owners

Of the big three home consoles, there’s no denying that the Nintendo Switch is the most user-friendly. From its hybrid nature to the games that it champions – and their impeccable quality on release – the Switch has become the pinnacle of friendly gaming. A major way in which the console further emphasizes this fact is through its extensive collection of demos. The glut of their major releases or high-cost, offbeat releases all offer demos.

There are some demos available through the Xbox One right now, but the offering is very quaint. While much of this comes down to the developers, Microsoft should make a point of featuring a demo for their major releases. It makes the games much more accessible, particularly in this age of high-cost gaming. They are also often very useful tools for game studios as they have a huge capacity to further sales. The hands-on experience is far more effective at selling a game, if available, than making players search online for gameplay videos and opinions.

The PlayStation 4 has also been relatively weak on the demos front, though slightly more accommodating than the Xbox One. So, to separate itself from the Sony console, the Xbox Series X could declare that all players will be able to try before they buy on all exclusives before their release. This way, players would be able to get some real experience with their chose titles before parting with a good chunk of cash.

Everyone knows that the new consoles are going to be very expensive - and the new games will probably be a tad more expensive too. So, to help balance this, as well as create a new selling-point based on inset practices, the Xbox Series X should make the backwards compatible library free to owners of the new console. This will work a great deal at launch, and then, to uphold a user-friendly outlook, they should look at deploying an extensive demo strategy.
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