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Australia OLFC Refused Silent Hill: Homecoming

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Australia OLFC Refused Silent Hill: Homecoming

Australia OLFC Refused Silent Hill: Homecoming
Published by wes213 on Friday, September 26, 2008
Tagged: Xbox 360,
Heres a real shocker for are good friends down under but it looks like the OLFC has turned its back on one more game that it feels is fit for no one, not even the country's adults, this brings up the question of when in the hell will the OLFC get it together and see they are costing Australia a pile of money by blocking out some of the top selling games on the market?

Silent Hill: Homecoming Screenshot 4278

xboxoz360gamer.com reports: Well it seems the long awaited Silent Hill Homecoming title has received the cold shoulder from Australia’s OLFC and Refused Classification.

This is yet another game to face the OLFC that has failed to pass due to their antiquated rating laws, where their highest rating for games is just MA15+, making many adult themed games, (no, not sexually based games) unable to gain classification.

Sure, some are then edited and then resubmitted, but why should they be. It’s as if the world developers must bend to the whims of ONE country to make their game fit into an antiquated system that believes it is protecting their children from irreparable mental harm.

Games such as Fallout 3, which has now had drug use softened to nondescript type from a prescribed Morphine reference. Which is ridiculous in the extreme, as it is not overly used as such games as Blitz, but simply as a way to deal with injuries. The lose of limbs and the like would be cause for concern, but the use of a prescribed drug . . . come one OLFC.

The oddity of the OLFC is that Dark Sector was refused classification due to excessive blood and dismemberment as well as characters wimpering due to being injured, yet it (OLFC) allowed Ninja Gaiden II through as MA15+ without the slightest fuss whatsoever. To me, Ninja Gaiden II had more gore and graphical dismemberment ahd beheading than the other game, yet it went through without a hitch.

I’m amazed that they have allowed Ubisofts’s Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway through actually, as it deplicts the death of soliders in slow motion with screams of agony and dismemberment, yet it receives a MA15+ rating.

The debacle with regards to how the media handle these things is in no way helpful, such as this mess on the ABC’s Q&A Debate Program recently, and absoute mess. Due mainly to their lack of knowledge on the matter, and simply following ideas that they are “protecting the chilren” . . which is affect they are not.

Buy not allowing the current R18+ rating to be used on “some” games, they are in fact allowing many games that have been designed with adult audiences in mind, not 15 yr olds. There is something VERY wrong with the system, and it needs to be discussed openly with the general public and industry alike.

News-Source: xboxoz360gamer.com

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