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TVersity Media Server v0.9.9.2 Released!

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TVersity Media Server v0.9.9.2 Released!

TVersity Media Server v0.9.9.2 Released!
Published by forahobby on Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Tagged: Homebrew, Xbox 360,
A new version of TVersity Media Server has been released.

TVersity allows you to stream pretty much any media (music/pictures and video) format to your Xbox 360 (with on-the-fly transconding to WMV for videos) from a Windows 2000/XP machine (MCE not required).

For those who need some help setting up TVersity Media Server we have already setup a tutorial/walkthrough to explain the basic process.. :) Check out the official 360-HQ TVersity Media Server Tutorial in our Xbox 360 Tutorials area.

Stream DivX/XviD on the Xbox 360 using WinXP:

What's new/fixed:
* RSS Feeds
- The FLV media inside SWF URLs from YouTube RSS feeds is now automatically detected. This means that adding a YouTube RSS feed to TVersity will now work as expected, with all the enclosed media listed and ready to play.
- When scanning the header of media files enclosed in RSS feeds, the user agent is now "TVersity Mediabot". The "TVersity Media Server" user agent is still used when doing a full download (either due to a new subscription or playback of an item that was not previously downloaded).
- Add support for RSS feeds that are using encodings other than UTF8 or Latin1.
* Transcoding
- Add support for transcoding audio to PCM and use this with the Xbox 360 instead of MP3. This way media encoded in lossless formats will have no quality degradation when streamed to the 360.
- Adjust the video resolution when transcoding to WMV to insure that the Xbox 360 can upscale it to the resolution of the TV using integer multiplication. This eliminates display artifacts that used to occur when the video resolution was not conforming to this criterion.
- Take into account the pixel aspect ratio of videos (that is for videos with non square pixels) when transcoding. This means that 16:9 and 4:3 DVDs will look as they are supposed to when transcoded.
- The "Disable decoding clock" on the transcoder section of the settings tab is now meaningful when transcoding to WMV. This means that Xbox 360 users that wish to avoid 100% CPU usage when the video does not require it, can turn this flag off.
* Media Librray
- Added a new index for songs: "Release Year / Artist / Album"
- List under the "Song" folder of the Xbox 360 all audio URLs as well as all local audio files, this way it is no longer necessary to place URLs inside playlists to see them on the 360 menus.
- Add support for long title strings, which are essentially titles that include the name of their parents. This is to allow users of the Xbox 360 to navigate their long list of videos. This feature is turned off by default (since devices other than the Xbox 360 do not need it). When turning it on (from the settings tab in the GUI) one needs to reconstruct the media library for this to take effect.
* Windows Vista compatibility
- All executables now have manifests to request admin privileges on Vista (this should allow them to run even with UAC enabled as long as the user grants them the permission to run as admins).
- The Sharing service is installed on Vista without the "Allow interaction with desktop" feature since Vista does not support this (on XP/2K we keep using this feature as before since it allows codec icons to appear in the tray when they are used during transcoding).
* Bug fixes and more
- Fix issues related to premature termination when transcoding to WMV (this should solve the famous termination problem with the Xbox 360).
- Add support for short URLs, this will allow devices that trim long URLs (like the Xbox 360 and the Sony PSP) to accept content from TVersity disregarding the length of the URL of that content.
- Add support for friendly file names in short URLs, so that devices that download content to their local storage (like the Sony PSP) will give a friendly name to content downloaded from TVersity.
- Fix a crash that occurs when scanning a corrupt MP3 file.
- The installer no longer overrides user definitions to the TVersity sharing service (that is it is no longer necessary to reconfigure a log-on account after each installation).
- The TVersity audio and video feeds are no longer included, users can still get them by adding (or dragging and dropping) the URLs: here and here.
- Fixed the CNN Radio and Ministry of sound TV URLs in the TVersity Guides.
- Icons of audio and video RSS feeds are now properly displayed in the web interface.
- Eliminate "insane" duration values displayed for some videos. Videos from which we cannot retrieve the duration, will now not have a value at all.
- Fix a GUI bug related to using the keyboard in the sharing tab and having the keystrokes propagate to the library tab.
- The right click menu can now be used on items in the sharing tab and it works as expected (previously it sopped working once the tray icon menu was invoked - a seemingly unrelated action had some, unaccounted for, side effects).

Official Site: http://www.tversity.com
Download: here
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