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Need for Speed Carbon
 EA Canada  |  Oct 31, 2006
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360-Hq.Com Review

Not Bad
Difficulty: 3
Learning Curve: 3
Published by: predtech
Date: 2007-03-12

Need For Speed Carbon

Need for speed Carbon, what an anticipation for a game!! Personally it could have lived up to the hype more than it did in my opinion... There are good point and bad points to this game, each outweighing the other.
But let's start with a background on the game. As it just so happens, you play the part of a street racer who has come back to town, although that has made some of the residents very uneasy about your return as you apparently have had a big falling out with them. As the story unfolds it seems that you are being blamed for the chance happening of lots of cash going missing, cash that belonged to the main racer in the area, and he ain't too happy about it, or your return. The only way to figure out who actually stole the money is to race your way to victory and clear your name in this fast paced, action packed racer from the legendary EA games, who brought us all the familiar previous NFS titles.

Now this seems to be a set up for a great game on paper, but in reality it leaves somethings to be desired in my opinion.
let's start with the pro's:
There are many choices of cars in this release of the NFS series, some of which have been sought after by many racing fans.
The races are challenging enough to make the game last a while.
The graphics and responsiveness of the game is phenominal.
The handling of the cars is perfect, which makes for good gameplay if you know how to handle the cars well.
Now the con's:
The soundtrack leaves MUCH to be desired.
There is not alot of customization of the vehicles possible as in previous versions in the series.
There are cars available for download from the very start of the game from XBL marketplace for some points, which if purchased can make the game WAY too easy to complete, for those of us too lazy to actually earn the cars the hard way.
The main point is that this game just doesn't seem to get my attention as much as NFS Most Wanted did. At least in that game you had to work hard to get to the nest part of the game, and it got progressively harder the further in you got.

To summarize this game, i would say that it was made well but could have been made excellent. For the hardcore NFS fans, and i know your out there, it's naturally a must have but for the rest os us......rent it form Blockbuster or Gamefly because when your finished it you'll be glad that you didn't spend $60 on buying it and not getting much on a trade in value for it, but as always my friends, i leave the final decision on this title up to you.

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Need for Speed Carbon Achievements (50)

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Cross the finish line in reverse to win a ranked Sprint race
Drift King
Score 500,000 points in a Drift event
Lucky Break
Get a 3 game winning streak in Ranked Online games
Online Challenge Contender
Beat 5 Challenge Series Events Online
Exotic Aficionado
Fill your Career Garage with only Exotic Cars
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 Most Recent Codes for Need for Speed Carbon (6)
   Cheat CodePublished by
Extra $10,000 in Career mode
Inifinte SpeedBreaker
Inifinte Crew Charge
Need For Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls Unlocked
Need For Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls Unlocked
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 Most Recent Unlockables for Need for Speed Carbon (8)
   UnlockablePublished by
Road Runner
Europa S
Aston Martin DB9(Exotic)
Mazda RX7(Tuner)
Jaguar XK 2007(Exotic)
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Need For Speed Carbon
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Need for Speed Carbon (NFS: Carbon)
need for speed carbon rx-7 code
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Need for Speed Carbon

EA Canada


- Oct 31, 2006
- Oct 31, 2006
- Oct 31, 2006
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