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Import Tuner Challenge
 Genki Co.  |  Sep 26, 2006

360-Hq.Com Review

Difficulty: 2
Learning Curve: 3
Published by: ultrapro
Date: 2011-03-15

An excellent addition to the renowned Shutoku Battle Series

One of the best racers I've played on 360 yet. Mostly though this is down to me being VERY Biased towards the original games for Dreamcast called "Tokyo Extreme Racer" / "Shutoku Battle" / "Tokyo Highway Challenge". I adored the first two on DC and had NO IDEA that this was an official entry in the series just with a name change! If you loved the first two on DC get this game now it is amazing!

I found I had trouble initially with the control of my first car but after a while I learned to tweak the Suspension and Dampers and such things and it made the car handle brilliantly! So this game really really encourages you to learn how to tune your car to how you want it.

The general setup of the game is that the main mode, QUEST MODE, is free roaming through the highways of Tokyo. You challenge other racers and earn money and use that money to further customize your car. There's no ridiculously annoying attempts at story (Scowls at NFSU) its just the pure thrill of building and racing the ultimate Import racing machine. So if you don't like the idea of earning your way to an excellent car then don't bother to play. If however you long for freedom to do whatever you want in a racer then give this a go and you will love it.

The graphics in my books are pretty good its just a shame they don't expand on the environments and the day graphics but still its an impressive game nonetheless

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Import Tuner Challenge Achievements (27)

There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Win 100 Xbox Live Races
Achivement unlocked by wining 100 Xbox Live Races.
Win 50 Xbox Live Races
Achivement unlocked by wining 50 Xbox Live Races.
Win 10 Xbox Live Races
Achivement unlocked by wining 10 Xbox Live Races.
First Xbox Live Race
Achivement unlocked by wining an Xbox Live Race.
All right Time Attacks
Achivement unlocked by racing the All clockwise within 16'30"000 in Time Attack.
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An excellent addition to the renowned Shutoku Battle Series
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Xbox 360 Importing Ubisoft's Tuner Challenge
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Import Tuner Challenge

Genki Co.


- Sep 26, 2006
- Sep 26, 2006
- Sep 26, 2006
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Will you be getting "Battlefield: Bad Company 2"?

Yep, sure will. Love Bad Company!
Have to check it out first..
No, I don't like that series.
Other, I Commented


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