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 Sega  |  Jul 12, 2006
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Difficulty: 1
Learning Curve: 1
Published by: forahobby
Date: 2006-07-26

Frogger by forahobby

Konami's Frogger makes it's way to the Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 Console.

In Frogger you are a frog and you are trying to cross the busy road to your home. There are 12 vertical “steps” required to get to your frog home The 5 lanes of traffic vary as you complete each level, but it’s a pretty simple pattern to get your head around so you wont have any trouble. lol. Once you have crossed the road safely and are on the middle ground you now will need to jump onto turtle backs and logs, alligators etc etc to make your way to your lily pad home. Just be careful because not all turtles stay above the water.. Your Frog cannot swim so make sure you don't get wet..

As you move onto higher levels, the number of cars on the road increases and the speed of the cars increases as well. You will also notice snakes, alligators and more creatures as you progress.

For those of you who are old enough to remember the original frogger way back in the 80's Xbox Live Arcade has just recently released a re-vamped 25th Anniversary edition.. Konami’s Frogger costs 400 Microsoft Points ($5 US) and comes with two entirely different looks for the game.. Not bad for $5 bucks.

Even if your not old enough to remember the original Frogger is always a great game for kids of all ages and adults too with its basic gameplay and achievements.

Basic Features:
- Multiple Styles (Original or 25th Anniversay)
- Online Multilpayer
- Online Leaderboards

You can change the look and feel of the new 25th Anniversay edition Frogger easily by pressing the START button at anytime in a game and choosing to change that option.

The first style which is default when you download the frogger game is the new and improved version with smooth looking graphics, sound etc etc.. Personally i prefer the original old school graphics but that's me..

Xbox Live Lag:
The Xbox Live Co-Op game is ok but nothing special.. I had a few games but found lag to be a issue constantly and slowing the game down so much that i couldnt play it. Once i found some users from my own area playing the title it seemed to quicken right up and become more fun.

Online Leaderboards


Frogger Achievements (12)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
Complete Level 2
Complete level 2 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.
Complete Level 3
Complete level 3 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.
Complete Level 4
Complete level 4 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.
Complete Level 5
Complete level 5 by filling up all 5 of the frog home slots.
Speed Racing
Get all 5 frogs home in level 1 in less than 45 seconds.
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Konami Code: Make Frogger bigger
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Frogger by forahobby
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- Jul 12, 2006
- Jul 12, 2006
- Jul 12, 2006
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