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DarkStar One: Broken Alliance
 Gaming Minds  |  July 20, 2010 (US)

360-Hq.Com Review

Difficulty: 2
Learning Curve: 2
Published by: ultrapro
Date: 2011-03-01

Darkstar One, fantastic little space combat sim!

Finally a space shooter on the 360 that delivers!

Ok a lot of people have been trying to say that this game borrows heavily from Mass Effect but that simply isn't true. The games are totally different and at opposite ends of the scale in terms of style and quality.

The only bad thing I will say about Dark Star One is that the production value in general is pretty mediocre, its like we've gone back in time to the days when voice acting and FMV sections were the low points of the games. The voice acting in this game is pretty abismal and their dialogue really sucks too and it kinda ruins the atmosphere of the game sometimes.

Thankfully the game really sucks you in due to its pretty addictive and all around fun gameplay. Your a cadet/newly trained pilot searching for your fathers killer and you inherit an allegedly state of the art space ship from your fathers company/colleague. the ship can be upgraded and modified etc and its pretty addictive gaining coin and experience. My only complaint so far against the game play is that there are perhaps TOO MANY quests to attempt. Each sector has about 10 systems, and each system has a trade station which in turn holds 6 assignments at a time, and when you accept one, complete it and return 9 times out of 10 the other assignments have since been replaced with new ones! so there's no end in sight for me, I will be playing this game for years hopefully!

All in all its pretty awesome fun to play and not bad to look at, don't expect the highest quality cut scenes or voice overs but the gameplay is pretty awesome if you love space shooters and rpgs this will definitely float your boat!


DarkStar One: Broken Alliance Achievements (50)

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Sky burial
Crash on a planet
Cleanup efforts
Destroy 500 meteoroids
Contact a trading station at a distance of 100u
Equip the Darkstar One with 5 turrets
Fire at will!
Equip the Darkstar One with 5 bow weapons
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Darkstar One, fantastic little space combat sim!
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Xbox 360 Games scheduled for June 2010...
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DarkStar One: Broken Alliance

Gaming Minds

Space Sim

- July 20, 2010 (US)
- Jun 4, 2010 (UK)
- July 2010
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