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Wing Commander Arena

 Gaia Industries  |  Jul 25, 2007

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Wing Commander Arena

Wing Commander Arena

Developer: Gaia Industries
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade

Wing Commander Arena blends classic arcade gameplay with modern multi-player mayhem.

The beloved Wing Commander franchise is back with an all-new game for Xbox Liveģ Arcade. Form a squad, propel your ship through space, fire torpedoes, unleash deadly gravity bombs, and destroy enemy armadas as you try to climb the leaderboard. Online players compete for Frag count, high score and duelling stats. Offline the game offers four modes with online leaderboards where itís pure arcade style competition.

EA launches onto Xbox Live Arcade with Wing Commander Arena delivering 10 minutes or 10 hours of space combat entertainment. With four styles of gameplay players can play in single player mode or play with up to 16 players for an all out online space combat melee.

Wing Commander Arena offers everything a space combat rookie or a veteran Wing Commander pilot would expect from the game: Team Duels, Free for all play, single player modes, 18 different ships within nine environments.

  • Sixteen players: Wing Commander Arenaoffers the largest multiplayer melee experience on Xbox LIVE Arcade, with up to 16-player space combat action.

  • Multiple gameplay modes: Four modes of gameplay, including single player, multi-team, multiplayer battle, and duels one-on-one and multiplayer.

  • Ships, maps, and more: Eighteen ships are provided including bombers, light and medium fighters. Team maps, free-for-all maps, and dueling maps provide a multitude of environments for your intense battles.

  • Classic experience: The classic Wing Commander gameplay is brought to Xbox LIVE Arcade, offering everything a pilot rookie or hardened space combat veteran could want.

Players: 1

HD 1080p

Storage Device

Xbox Live Vision

Custom Soundtracks

Xbox Exclusive

Online Multiplayer: 2-16

Xbox Live Multiplayer

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Wing Commander Arena Achievements (12)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
Dogfight AchievementDogfight
Shot down first pilot in a Xbox LIVE game
1010 gamerpoints
Ace AchievementAce
Defeat 5 ships in a Ranked Xbox LIVE match without respawning
2020 gamerpoints
Hibernation AchievementHibernation
Reach a streak of 5 in a Bearpit game
2020 gamerpoints
Commando AchievementCommando
Earned Commando Tattoo (15 Frags in a Melee Match)
1010 gamerpoints
Untouchable AchievementUntouchable
Reach wave 10 in Gauntlet without ever taking damage to your hull
2020 gamerpoints
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Wing Commander Arena

Gaia Industries

Xbox Live Arcade

- Jul 25, 2007
- Jul 26, 2007
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