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The Outfit

 Relic  |  Mar 13, 2006

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The Outfit

The Outfit

Developer: Relic
Publisher: THQ
Genre: First Person Shooter/Action

The Outfit, from THQ's critically acclaimed internal development studio Relic Entertainment, drops a force of elite soldiers behind enemy lines in a World War II adventure unlike anything seen before. Players will battle through a series of epic, story driven campaigns in single player mode as they track down a rogue Nazi general retreating through France after the Allied invasion. The over-the-top, action-packed third person shooter, is all about destruction, featuring large scale explosions, Destruction on Demand and much much more..

Combining intense squad-based combat and easy to use strategic gameplay elements, The Outfit takes players behind enemy lines, battling the Nazi War Machine through a variety of combat missions.

Choose from three playable squad leader personalities – each with their own skills and abilities and lead two squads of battle-forged soldiers on missions ranging from reconnaissance and rescue to search and destroy. As you complete missions, you'll gain action points that can be used to upgrade your arsenal, acquire tanks and other vehicles, build machinegun nests and anti-tank emplacements or call for air or artillery strikes. Experience the cinematic intensity of WWII combat through 12 epic single-player missions or go online for a variety of multiplayer modes, including co-op.

The First Multiplayer Demo Now Available with The Outfit on Xbox Live

Get the intense multiplayer experience of The Outfit for Xbox 360. See what all the buzz is about and go to Xbox Live® Marketplace to download the free demo. Battle it out with the multiplayer mode - choosing between a variety of Co-Op and Team-Based Multiplayer game types including Deathmatch, Destruction and Strategic Victory. Download the demo to your hard drive, then go online.

Tags: theoutfit

Players: 1-4

HD 1080p

Custom Soundtracks

Dolby Digital

Online Multiplayer: 2-8

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The Outfit Official Movie

The Outfit Official Movie

Published October 20, 2005

Views: 1890  |  Likes: 3  |  Dislikes: 0

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The Outfit Achievements (41)

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Wounded in Action AchievementWounded in Action
Awarded for an average life shorter than 30 seconds in Ranked Quick Match Games.
2020 gamerpoints
V1 Rockets Destroyed AchievementV1 Rockets Destroyed
Awarded for destruction of enemy air assets.

2020 gamerpoints
Troop Car Destroyed AchievementTroop Car Destroyed
Awarded for quick action and reflexes under pressure.
1515 gamerpoints
Transport Ship Destruction AchievementTransport Ship Destruction
Awarded for quick thinking in destruction of enemy war supplies.
2020 gamerpoints
Train Destroyed AchievementTrain Destroyed
Awarded for destroying strategic enemy assets.

2525 gamerpoints
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 Most Recent Unlockables for The Outfit
   UnlockablePublished by
Mega Health
Insane Damage Multiplier
Unlimited Field Units
No Overheat on Weapons
Faster health regeneration rate
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The Outfit by rs6_n2o
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The Outfit


First Person Shooter/Action

- Mar 13, 2006
- Mar 23, 2006
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360-HQ Rating:
6.7/10 6.7
Overall Rank: 250 of 2964
Achievements: 41

Total Ratings: 29
Page Views: 77,920
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