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MCE Video Encoder
Current Version: Beta 2 | Written by Lightningware

MCE Video Encoder is a Windows application that controls encoding and streaming of all video files, including DivX and XVid. The application also includes a set of add-ins for Windows Media Center Addition 2005 that controls the MCE Video Encoder application. Therefore, this allows you to not only set up and control video streams from your Windows Media Center PC, but also control and view the streams from a Media Center Extender and even an Xbox 360. MCE Video Encoder has the following features: * Start and Stop Streaming from Windows Client and MCE Add-in, * Pause and Unpause Streaming from Windows Client and MCE Add-in, * Rewind and Fast Forward the Streaming (by configurable amount) from Windows Client and MCE Add-in, * Play the stream from MCE Add-in, * Use custom streaming profiles, * View Progress of video encoding in Windows Client, and * Remote control MCE Video Encoder through Windows Messages and/or Command Files.

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