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Party Buffalo Drive Explorer
Current Version: v1.0.0.6 | Written by CLK Rebellion

CLK Rebellion released a beta of the open-source Party Buffalo Drive Explorer that allows you to access Xbox360 formatted drives/usb-sticks/bins.

This app is pretty self explanatory -- created by me from ground-up, and has been in development for a while now. To use, connect your drive (if using a drive), press File>Open>Open Drive Selector>Select your drive. If you're not using a drive, load your file by going to File>Open>Open Dump.

Features so far...
* Backing up of drive
* Extracting files
* Reading files
* Reading backups/files that are a single FATX partition (such as the xlaunch.fdf file found in devkats)
* USB support added 1/13/2010

Changelog (v1.0.0.6):
* Fix Bug when clicking the DATA folder
Buffer = io.ReadBytes(0x2050);
That's lovely... I have no idea why I chose a number like like that...
I also messed up on a rounding function, and instead of putting 0x200 I put 200. Pushing out right now.
* Oh yeah, has a minor edit to how it detects USB Drives. I forgot the function that returns a list of logical drives, so I did a char array and had it loop through each, detecting if the drive "IsReady", and if it wasn't then it would throw it away. Hopefully this works better...

Changelog (v1.0.0.5):
-Fixed a bug with a reading function that liked to read more bytes than it should
-Made it so that it should request administrator permissions at startup (should fix some people's issues...)
-Added the reading of general STFS info, as you can see from this screenshot: http://imgur.com/neMr6.png
-Added a "properties" window for files
-Other small bug fixes that I can't remember

Whats new/fixed v1.0.0.4
* Update fixes bug with closing drives
* Fixes bug with extracting folders on a hard drive
* Might fix bug with some USB drives(I say might, because it's a ghetto fix. * If it messes up on yours, please message me regarding the issue)
* Added extracting of Security Sector
* Added extracting of Josh sector

* undeletion mode
* a few bug fixes
* manual partition mode