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Current Version: v0.32 BETA
Written by Unknown
Category: SNES
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SNES360 is a Super Nintendo Emulator for the Xbox 360.

What's new/fixed v0.32 BETA:
* Code optimizations (v0.31)
* Added EPX Software filter (v0.31)
* Added Reset Option in pause menu (v0.31)
* Added Screen Resize option in pause menu (v0.31)
* Threaded SRAM autosave. (no more stutter!) (v0.31)
* Fixed input lag issue with wireless controllers (v0.31)
* Fixed graphic glitch issue with Metroid, DKC etc (v0.32)
* Aspect Ratio setting now saved correctly. (v0.32)

- Graphics/Sound
- Achievements (don't be a dumbass and use this on live, your console will be banned)
- XUI user interface
- SRAM save support linked to a user profile
- Filters : Simple2x, Scanlines, TV Mode, Super Eagle, Super 2xSAI, HQ2x
- Turbo Mode (Right Trigger)
- Aspect Ratio/Stretch Mode support
- SaveStates (currently 1 per rom)
- Previews

This is an Xbox 360 Game On Demand Package. Unrar it and place it in HDD:\Content\0000000000000000\

Roms should be placed in the following: (sorry if you dont like the locations but there a reason for their locations)
GAME:\roms\ (dont have to worry about this one since its in the package)

The PreviewPath tag will specify where you want your Preview Images to be stored.
Default is hdd:\EMUS\SNES360\Preview\

Toggle through each device my pressing R-Shoulder in the Rom List.
Both sticks during game will pause the current rom and open up the In Game Options

* Not Implemented (Yet)
- Input Button Mapping
- Favorites support
- Pixel Shaders to replace Software filters (speed)
- Cheat support
- IPS support
- Multiple ROM Folders
- Other misc stuff

This is still an early beta. It may crash in some spots. Most roms run at 60fps.
Some slowdown occurs - this will be resolved in future builds as more PPC code optimizations are implemented.
More of your favorite emulators/homebrew to come..no donations required...

* Greets
kl0wn, Odb718, AutoB0t, r0wdy, Redline99, AngerWound, TJ_CRS, Xenon7 MomDad, Direw0lf, idc, Arak0n, Devenic, XanTium and all the rest of the Xbox Scene! Lets take 360 Scene/Development to the next level in 2010!

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