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Current Version: v012.2.1
Written by Klutsh
Category: Firmware Tools
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iPrep/iPrep 101 is a new tool similar to Xtreme Boot Maker that will prepare a floppy/USBdrive/NTFScd to flash your Toshiba-Samsung drive. Specially made for the new iXtreme Firmwares, it also includes Caster420's new SamTool 0.7.

iPrep is a .NET application and collection of MSDOS applications for use in flashing Samsung TS-H943A DVD drives.

- Can detect your SATA/RAID controller and HEX-Edits MTKFlash for your chipset.
- Formats your floppy/usb drive and copies all necessary files over.
- Can be used with NTFS cd's, creates a folder on your hdd.
- MD5 checker when selecting your firmware lets you know your firmware is legit
- Updateable Firmware definitions.
- Provides simple to use on screen instructions in MSDOS.
- Works with iXtreme v1.0 and future releases. (Can be made backwards compatable)
- Can be used to spoof a Hitachi GDR3120L Key to a Samsung TS-H943A DVD drive.
- Nolonger uses MSINFO32, should now work in Vista and other WMI capable OS's.

Whats new/fixed (v12.2.1):
* litTool (LiteOn Support).
* benTool (BenQ Support).
* Revised DOS based guide.

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