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Boxzii ODD Emulator
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Boxzii ODD Emulator

Boxzii ODD Emulator
Current Version: v0.1
Written by boxzii
Category: Xbox 360
Page Views: 7,922

We are proud of present the coolest device for the XBOX 360 videogame console , enjoy HARD DRIVE CONNECTION or PC ISO Streaming 2IN1 solution and store all the disc game images supported ...... Boxzii includes two different functional modules ..

* Module 1 : Mainboard to be installed inside Xbox360 , nonsolder and Plug and play, includes external PC USB dongle for connection/control/isos loading via PC USB.
* Module 2 Add-on : External OLED control panel Module 1 Add-on, connects USB HDD/Pendrives without PC required .

* Module 1 : Internal Mainboard + USB PC Control Dongle
- Xbox 360 XDG2/XGD3 Compatible
- Supports Dash (2.13599) included
- Supports FAT Consoles / AP25 Emulation
- SLIM support by Simple USB software Upgrade
- Plug and Play/Requires DVD Key
- Avoid Overheating and >75% 3 Red lights of Death posibilites
- Avoid tedious drive fw reflash
- DVD/DL/Multigame compatible
- Full upgradeable by USB/JTAG
- NOTE : It's highly recommended do not use Boxzii for XBOX LIVE gaming
mode , even the AP25 and other protections are supported , Microsoft is
continuously upgrading XBOX360 detection methods for backup devices

* Module 2 : External OLED Control Panel for USB HDD/Pendrive (No PC required)
-OLED control panel
- USB HDD/Pendrive supported
- Supports ALL Motherboards
- USB & Jtag upgrades
- Easy Installation

Related URL: http://www.boxzii.com

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