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Current Version: v2.0a
Written by Scuba156
Category: Xbox 360
Page Views: 3,819

TUDifier is a Title Downloader for Xbox 360 Homebrew enabled consoles.

Used to read fsd's content.xml and download Title Updates to the /cache/ folder in the applications root directory.
Uses http://updates.xboxmodder.com/title_updates.html to download the title updates.

What's new/fixed:
+ Completely rewritten
+ Added download threads with progress shown
+ Now only downloads the latest TU (still by title ID, will use media ID once fsd2 is updated)
+ Better interface
+ Search feature planned
+ Fixed downloads, now uses http://marketplace.jqe360.com
+ Select where to download TU's to instead of a preset folder
- Fsd2 game names are no longer shown, will be added later

Related URL: http://code.google.com/p/titledownloader/

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