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Project Infinity
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Project Infinity

Project Infinity
Current Version: BETA 2
Written by Team Infinity
Category: Xbox 360
Page Views: 7,738

Team infinity have been working on Beta 2. There are still Bugs with in the tool but we have redesigned the GUI making it look allot more attractive we have also removed allot of the Tools that you may of seen in Beta 1 but have added allot more for Beta 2 Here is a small list


* Gamertag Changer
* Resigner/Rehasher
* Gamer Pic injecter
* Halo 3 Film editor
* Halo 3 Game Type Editer
* Xbox Profile viewer
* the login Box's on the side


* GIJO Editor
* Sonic Unleashed Editor
* Tekken 6 Editor
* WET Editor
* Transformer 2 Editor
* Fatx Viewer (No need for Xplorer 360)
* Achivement Unlocker (Yes it works)
* STFS Viewer (Upgraded From Beta 1)
* Better GUI Designed
* Feedback Tool (Send us your Feedback/Suggestions)
* 1 Login Bar for all usergroups

To Be added:

* Game adder (VIP Only)
* Chat Box
* More Save Editor's
* News Box
* Resigner/Rehasher (Upgraded From Beta 1)
* And Alot more

You will need a account on XBLHackers.com to use the Login And Use Most of the Tools

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