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Xbox 360 Commander
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Xbox 360 Commander

Xbox 360 Commander
Current Version: Rev.23
Written by Icepir9icepir8
Category: Harddrive Tools
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Icepir9icepir8 has just released Xbox 360 Commander, a new windows application to let you manage your Xbox 360 HDD. Xbox 360 Commander features backup capabilities and a nifty "One Click Transfer Wizard".

A lot of the features are not working yet. Just wanted to get some feedback on in.

Available Features:
1. Backup
2. Restore
3. Format Hard Drive
4. One Click Transfer Wizard

What's new/fixed (Rev. 23):
* Fixed backup/restore progress bar estimated time left.
* Added Abort button to backup/restore.
* fixed Windows 7 64bit Drag and Drop problem.
* Create and reload Image file.

What's new/fixed (since rev. 12):
* Pulled all the stops on speed. (rev 13)
* Couple tweeks here and there. But it is the transfer speed on the insert file that takes the cake. (rev 13)
* Error Checking Hard Drive is actually doing something now. (rev 14)
* Still have to do fix errors code. but atleast you should be able to check your drive for errors. (rev 14)

What's new/fixed (since rev. 11):
* Fixed nasty bug in transfer directory (rev 12)
* Added checking for does file or folder exist. (rev 12)
* Fixed progress bar for file transfers of > 2gb in size. (rev 12)
* Improved transfer speed. (rev 11)
* Fixed bug in comments column. (rev 11)
* Improved Progress bar. (rev 11)

What's new/fixed (since rev. 9):
* Improved transfer speed. (rev 11)
* Fixed bug in comments column. (rev 11)
* Improved Progress bar. (rev 11)
* Best just to stay fire it up and take a look. (rev 10)

Features Coming Soon:
1. Drag and Drop of files
2. hard drive error check
3. hard drive defrag

"One Click Transfer Wizard" lets you transfer all files from one XBox 360 hard drive to another.
All the files on the second drive are lost so you must make a backup before the transfer if you need to keep them.

Format, Back up and Restore do what you expect.
The hard drive must have a valid HDDSS area to work.
It will open both XBox 360 hard drives and binary images of a hard drive.

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