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Current Version: Alpha
Written by Yoshihiro
Category: Emulators
Page Views: 7,429

Yoshihiro released a Genesis/Megadrive emulator for homebrew 360:

Genesis360 Alpha Release By Yoshihiro For XBOX360

Quick and simple Port from PC to XDK to let you see what can be done without an official devkit .

100% Coded on Retail :=) No Need for donations at all

Plays all Genesis Games
all the roms go inside the genroms folder
full screen mode
Zip Gz support
Simple rom Browser
Sound support.
Pad setting to enable the 6 buttons paddle
4 player possible .

Buttons mapping :
360 Genesis
X = A
A = B
B = C
Y = X
LB = Y
RB = Z
BACK = if you want to go back to the roms list while playing.

Fix a small Bug
Add the VSP processor support for Virtua Racing

PS : It's only an Alpha release

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