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Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0 Tutorial
Published by forahobby on 2006-12-22

This tutorial has been replaced with this tutorial.

This tutorial will explain briefly how to use Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0 to flash the Xbox 360 Hitachi v78 drive firmware.

360-HQ does not take responsibility for anyone who attempts to flash their firmware and causes damage..

Required Items
- Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0
- Xbox 360 with Hitachi V78 drive

Let's Get Started
1. Open 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.0
2. Tools > Direct Drive Dump (GDR Only)
3. Choose your DVD drive from the drop-down list (there should only be one)
4. Click the button labeled "RAW Dump Firmware As ..."
5. Save the original firmware as original.bin somewhere safe
6. It will tell you that the firmware has been dumped and ask if you want to open it, select "Yes"
7. Make sure everything looks pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary
8. Go to Tools > Smart Hack Patcher
9. Read the warning and then accept it
10. On the line labelled "output file" click the box to the right with the ellipsis (three dots) and save your output file as hacked.bin
11. Make sure the rule set is for Hitachi v78 drives
12. Hit "Generate File"
13. Again, it will ask if you want to open the firmware, select "Yes"
14. Go to Tools > Direct Drive Flash (GDR Only)
15. Select Differential Flash (PATCH)
16. Select your Hitachi DVD drive from the drop-down list
17. Hit "Read Drive and Detect Differences"
18. Select "Start Flashing" and wait for it to finish (very fast)
19. Test it all out

If you have any problems please reply in the 360-hq.com forums to see if any of our existing members can help with your problems or explain things more clearly.

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