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360-HQ.COM :: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Who is getting this bad boy?
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Who is getting this bad boy?
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Post Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:30 am   
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forahobby wrote:
I have to agree with you totally gx0.. Sad... I was hoping for so much more.. I found myself going back to Modern Warfare within like 2-3 hrs in disgust. Sad

What have you done DICE??? The original bad company was so so much better. They still persist on not have PRONE too which is really getting to me. I'm still hoping that the other stages offer something a bit different graphically and in gameplay/tactics.. It's just not battlefield if you ask me.

Myself and ozzy have pre-ordered now so i guess its time to bite the bullet and see what the full version is like..

Just to be fair to the game, I should add that I do like the game and large maps, Just not big on the game mode. If the full game has mp modes where the whole map is open such as team death match and/or domination style then I will pick it up and have a blast.

But I did not notice any improvement on graphics and the movement and controll of your character still feels a bit stiff/mechanical, not smooth like MW.

I do like the new feature of adding attachments to your weapons, and as someone that likes to play as a sneaky ass sniper and making those long range head shots, I do like the way the game incorporates bullet drop and travel time. So you must mentally calculate how far to lead a moving target depending on distance. Also depending on how far away the enemy is you will have to correctly estimate your elevation for the bullet drop to get those head shots. Some of the long range shots I was making in the demo I had to aim above the bad guys head about 3 feet so as to get the head shot and 1 shot kill. I love this in games.

So I must say I only have 2 Issues with BC2, The game mode on the demo I hate, And not sure if this has been addressed but I hated the Squad system in the first BC, It is not cool to limit who you can communicate with on your team.

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360-HQ Experienced

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Post Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:40 pm   
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I do agree with the fact that squad only communication sucks but the graphics on this game are just as good as MW2(btw neither are too good anyways). I like the movement, its not smooth but how smooth would you expect ur movement to be if u were trudgin through the snow. That and with this game you get some funny shots in, like last night I was playin and an entire enemy squad was in a transport heli and i shot the pilot and the rest of the guys didnt know how to switch seats i guess cause the heli went into free fall.
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:02 pm   
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Not long to go now guys.. I've already got mine pre-ordered so i will see ya all online shortly with the new game.. Should be fun with some unexplored maps and new single player campaign.
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