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Medal Of honor WR beta review
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Post Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:29 am   
Post subject: Medal Of honor WR beta review
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HQ X0333's Medal Of Honor WF(beta review)
With most FPS lacking overall creativity anymore and completely going away from gun on gun action this has left most FPS fans very disappointed in many ways. Now the real question is does this beta prove its good because it was released the SAME month the game is being released. Well I have played the multiplayer beta for over6 hours so far. Now I am not going to outright say it is a horrible game. But like most FPS games it has its pros and cons. I feel like this review I should start off with the cons then I will go into detail about the pros afterwards. To be completely honest if you do not like Call of duty DO NOT get this game. In many ways it feels like this beta has shown me enough to believe that this is a call of duty clone. The guns just don't even come close to how those guns actually preform. The way you kill people in the game is also very simple run up to someone sometimes without even taking cover and shoot them.Heck in most cases when I was playing I didn't even have to aim down the sights for an accurate kill. And the knife kills in my opinion are worse in this game compared to call of duty I saw people diving 15 to 20 feet away and get a knife kill needless to say when I saw that it was a WTF moment to say the least. The graphics as well in the game for it being a frostbite 2 engine are extremely choppy and just kinda look like I am playing a ps2 or original xbox game guess the demo they showed in e3 was a different game... But there is also some good aspects to this game. The team based objective game type is actually surprisingly good. You have to actually work as a team to get the objective unlike call of duty where is a one man army winning the game. Nice touch to the game as well is what is similar as a kill streak motor rounds and persision guided missiles and even choppers can be obtained in this game BUT they are not easily obtained depending on the kills and achievements you acquire threw out the game all go to these perks. And they don't go over board with them either (call of duty) where you can have over 20 kill streaks where in my opinion take away from the actual shooting aspect of a shooting game. The movement and overall functionality to the game is smooth but that is expected from the frostbite engine. Now my closing thoughts If I had to describe this game in one sentence it would be "Its a blend of COD and BF3.You have good things coming from the battlefield side of this game then a mixed feeling with this sometimes overwhelming call of duty vibe. Rating the beta in my opinion based on what have played it would get a 5.5/10. If this is going to be the final product do NOT waste your money worst case rent it.

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:25 am   
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Sonuds like a pretty honest review. I played the last medal of honor a fair bit and it was ok. I'll be renting this one now
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