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360-HQ.COM :: Rock Band 2 Achievement Guide (LONG READ)
Rock Band 2 Achievement Guide (LONG READ)
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Post Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 3:27 am   
Post subject: Rock Band 2 Achievement Guide (LONG READ)
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Flawless Fretwork - 100% a song on Expert guitar. 25G
If you've gotten this achievement on Rock Band 1, and have exported your songs or DLC, just do it on that one. If not, try it on Today by Smashing Pumpkins, that one is pretty easy, just watch out for the chords to hammer ons. Or do it on Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! at the Disco. A little more advanced, but should be manageable. It's pretty short and has a simple guitar part. DLC-wise, Charlene is probably the easiest. It's free, so no worries.
Also, another note, you can over strum for the 100% achievements, just hit all the notes. All the 100% achievements can be done in local tug of war, which is easier because you get less notes then you usually would

Flawless Drumming - 100% a song on Expert drums. 25G
Again, if you've done it on Rock Band 1, use that same song. You can use Silver by the Pixies which is by far the easiest song. Also, Charlene is easy too, it is only 90 seconds long. Those are both DLC, but as for you non-DLC folk, I'm currently looking for a song that's easy to get 100%, if you've gotten it on another one, post below. Another tip, once you get overdrive, don't use it. Just take a break during the fills, it will give you less notes.

Flawless Singing - 100% a song on Expert vocals. 25G
For this one, you don't have to go into your Rock Band archive. Just pick the song by the Beastie Boys, So Watcha Want and go on expert. It's all talking and Harmonix have made the talking parts super easy for this game. As long as you are making some sort of sound into your mic, you will get 100%. I put the mic upto my radio, playing a completely different song, and I still got 100%.

Flawless Groove - 100% a song on Expert bass only using up-strums. 25G
Again, So Watcha Want is by far the easiest to do this on. Theres only green notes the whole song and you will have a maximum of two notes on your screen at a time. If you're having trouble with the upstrums, change it to lefty flip (or vice versa if you're lefty) and keep the green fret held down and just strum down whenever the notes cross the line.

Flawless Guitar Solo - 100% a guitar solo on Expert using only the solo buttons. 20G
Here's an achievement alot of people were upset about because you need to have the Rock Band Fender Stratocaster guitar. Not the new one, the old one works fine too. You have to 100% a solo on Expert only tapping on the solo butons, no strumming. A solo is when you are playing lead guitar, and your screen goes blue and a percentage comes up, saying what percent of notes you have hit in that solo. The easiest song I've found is Give it Away by RHCP. The rest of the song is mildly difficult, but the starting solo only has 25 notes, all sustained notes, and only one hammer on. Another easy one is Go Your Own Way's first solo. It mostly just has ascending notes, then goes back down. If not, try Today by the Smashing Pumpkins. It's mostly just the blue note then hammer on to orange and back to blue. Just watch the ending and you should be fine. The easiest from Rock band 1 is Wave of Mutilation.


The Bachman-Turner Award - Maintain deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds. 25G
This is a tricky one. You have to keep overdrive going for a straight 90 seconds. The closest I've gotten is Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi on expert guitar. A bit more whammying and timing and I should get it. Also another theory, in Rock Band 1 when you were playing Tug of War or Vocal Solo tour and you deployed Overdrive while not playing, your overdrive meter stopped draining. Not sure if that works yet, will try it. This has been confirmed that it can be done with a band as long as one of you has overdrive at one point.

Solid Gold, Baby! - Gold star any song. 25G
To gold star a song, you need to be playing on expert and get around 1.4X the five star score(it has been made easier since RB1). When you're playing you should see a star meter under your score, a circle goes around the star as you get more points. As you fill up the circle, the star becomes whole and it moves onto the next one. Once you get 5 stars, and you hit the Gold Star score, your stars turn gold. Do it on Expert vocals with the same technique you did to get Flawless Singing, the Beastie Boys song, just use starpower whenever you get it.

Million Point Club - Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song. 25G
This obviously has to be done with more than one person, probably a whole band. Just find a good song to do it on, and find good people to play with. You should pick a song where, if you are in a four man band, you get at least 250K each. Use your starpower together, you can get a 4X multiplier for each person, 6X for the bassist and 8X for the band multiplier. Some song suggestions are Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, So Watcha Want by the Beastie Boys and Green Grass and High Tides by the Outlaws from RB1.

Hello Cleveland! - Deploy Vocal Overdrive 4 times in a single song. 20G
Pretty easy, just sing a song you know is easy (the Beastie Boys song doesn't have 4 times where you can activate overdrive) so just go on an a vocal song on easy and deploy star power whenever you can, I did it on Wonderwall by Oasis on easy.

Overdrive Overdose - Achieved an 8x Band Multiplier. 25G
You need a full four member band and have all of you activate overdrive at the same time.

Band Savior - Be a savior 3 times during one song. 20G
You need at least 3 people in your band for this. Just get your overdrive halfway, tell one member to fail, save them. Have on member fail twice, then the other one fail once. Since if you fail three times, you can't be saved. If you have no one to do it with, you can plug in drums, the guitar and vocals at the same time on one box. Load up quickplay on Blitzkrieg Bop. Play hard guitar and leave your drums and microphone to sit there, both on easy. You will be able to save your band mates twice each if you can get all the phases and you wont fail out. You dont need other this way. -Thanks to Maka.

Online Achievements

Victory! - Defeat a player in either Score Duel or Tug of War. 15G
Way easier than Rock Band 1's online achievements. Just go online and play a Score Duel or Tug of War game and win. Score Duel is you and your opponent play a song and the person with the most points wins, so use your overdrive wisely. Tug of War you each play like a duet, alternating parts, there is a crowd meter and the person that is doing better will have the crowd meter on their side. Overdrive will help you get the crowd on your side. This can also be done in local play, so just set it up so your playing by yourself with another controller.

Comeback Kid - Defeat the last player that defeated you over Xbox LIVE in either Score Duel or Tug of War. 15G
For this one, you need to lose to someone online, and then play them again in the next match and beat them. The easiest way to do this is if you are able to play at a harder difficulty like Hard or Expert, go down to medium. Go into a match and purposely lose. After the match is over, go to their gamercard and make them a preferred player. Most likely, they will be going back to find another match, and you should too. If all goes as planned, you should be in the same match as them, and since it is on medium, you should be able to beat them. May take a couple of tries.
The San Dimas 4th Annual Award - Competed in a Battle of the Bands. 15G
Harmonix has been nice enough to set up daily and weekly challenges to do in a band. From your band's practice space, go to "Battle of the Bands" and pick one and compete in it.
Most of these achievements will just come with natural progression of the tour.

Got Wheels - Won a Van in World Tour. 20G
Once you get enough stars and fans, you will get invited to play a setlist and get a van. The city and venue with it will have a bus icon in front of it. Just go play the setlist and you will get a van.

Open Road - Won a Bus in World Tour. 20G
Same as above, you will be invited to win a bus once you get enough stars and fans. Just go play the setlist and you will get the bus.

Jet Setter - Won a Jet in World Tour. 20G
Same as the above two, just play through the tour until you get invited to play for a jet. Beat the songs and you will get it.

Worldwide Sensation - Gain access to every venue in the world. 25G
For this one, you just have to gain acces to every venue in the world, not play in each one. Once you are able to play in each place, you will get this achievement.

West Coast Performer - Played a set on the West Coast of North America. 10G
I'm only going to write a description for one of these since they are pretty much all the same. In RB1 you had the "Big In" achievements where you had to play every setlist in a city to unlock it. These are way easier, you only have to play one setlist in the area specified. As you progress through the game, you will have the ability to play more sets in different places.
God Save the Band - Played a set in the United Kingdom. 10G
-See "West Coast Performer"

Heartland Performer - Played a set in Middle America. 10G
-See "West Coast Performer"

Western Europe Performer - Played a set in Western Europe. 10G
-See "West Coast Performer"

East Coast Performer - Played a set on the East Coast of North America. 10G
-See "West Coast Performer"

Eastern European Performer - Played a set in Eastern Europe. 10G
-See "West Coast Performer"

Road Dog - Played in every venue in the world. 30G
You just have to play at least one set in every venue. Each city has venues where you can play and at those venues you have a setlist of songs to play. One you get access to each venue, just go to each city and scroll over each venue. Make sure each venue has some stars at the bottom right of the screen, meaning you have played a song there.

One Million Fans - Reached 1 million fans in Band World Tour. 30G
Just like Rock Band 1's achievement, you need to get 1 million fans. The amount of fans you get increases with the amount of stars you get on a song. I'm not sure of the fan cap on each difficulty, but I presume it is the same as RB1 where you have to be on Hard or higher. The difficulty is tied down to the lowest person, so if everyone is expert, and one person is easy, you will only get to the limit of fans on easy. An easy way to do this is go to Make a Setlist in a venue, and pick any of the rapping songs on Expert Vocals. Again, use the same technique to "sing" these and you will most likely get 5 stars. Also, if you play charity events you get more fans but no money. Look at which staff member you have hired, some will get you more fans, others will get you more money. I have about 400K fans after under only 2 days of playing by myself on Expert guitar, so it shouldn't take too long.

Clothes to the Edge - Buy over $100,000 worth of items from the Rock Shop 20G
This may take a while. This counts as anything from the rock shop, like instruments, accessories, clothes etc. The best way to get this is to use the same technique to 5 star songs in the "One Million Fans" achievement, because the more stars you get, the more money you get. If you ever get an offer to "Quadruple or Nothing" or "Double or Nothing" for five starring a song, and you know you can five star it, always take it. Even if you can only 5 star one of them, you will get 4 times the cash for that one, but nothing for the other one.

Needs More Umlauts! - Made a Band Logo. 10G
From your practice space, go to Band profile, then edit your logo. Just make it whatever you want and save it.

You're Hired! - Hired a staff member. 10G
Later in the game you will get opportunities to hire staff members. Some will get you more fans, others more money. You first get the option to hire an intern, who will get you money or a street crew, who will get you fans. Just pick one and you will get the achievement. Your mom does not count as a staff member. To check out who you can hire, hit the yellow button on the venue or city select screen.

You Killed the Radio Star - Made a music video. 15G
Sadly, you won't actually get to make a music video. Instead of your band just playing on stage, they will be in a funky music video. Before you are able to unlock a plane, you will get an offer from a film student to make a video for you. You will get no money, but you will get more fans. Just play through the chosen song and you get the achievement. You will get multiple opportunities to play in videos, so don't worry if you skip it the first time.

The challenges can be viewed in three ways. Either as side-quests or mini-missions you can do when you're bored, a mini tour you can do without having to go through venues and cities or the replacement of the Solo Career. You go through increasingly difficult sets as your instrument. You can only play an instrument specific challenge if you have that instrument in your band. You can only do band challenges with at least 2 people in your band.

Along for the Ride - Beat an instrument-specific challenge while playing another instrument. 10G
For this one, you have to beat an instrument-specific challenge (ie vocal apprentice challenge) while playing another instrument (ie guitar). To do a challenge for a certain instrument, you have to have that instrument in your band. You can either get a friend to play with you, or sing and play bass at the same time, and go to a vocal or bass challenge. This can be done on any difficulty.

Challenge Novice - Complete 25 Challenges on Medium Difficulty, or 10 Challenges on Hard Difficulty, or 5 Challenges on Expert Difficulty. 10G
-See "Challenge Savant"

Challenge Master - Complete 25 Challenges on Hard Difficuly, or 10 Challenges on Expert Difficulty. 15G
-See "Challenge Savant"

Challenge Savant - Complete 25 Challenges on Expert Difficulty. 25G
For these achievements, you just have to beat the amount of challenges listed on the said difficulty. Keep in mind that you are binded by the lowest difficulty, so if one person is on easy, and the rest are on expert, you only get credit for expert. On top of a completed challenge, you will see an E for easy, M for medium, H for hard and X for expert.

The Final Countdown - Unlock an Impossible Challenge. 15G
You just have to play through the challenges of a certain instrument until you unlock the last challenge, the Impossible Challenge. This is comprised of the hardest songs for that instrument.

Stage Igniters - Beat the Impossible Band Challenge. 25G
As you keep playing through the Band Challenges, you will come to the Impossible Band Challenge which is the last and hardest one. You have to beat that challenge to unlock this achievement. 99% sure it does not have to be done on expert. Will look for confirmation.

Lord of the Strings - Beat the Impossible Guitar Challenge. 25G
You have to keep playing through the Guitar Challenges until you unlock the last one, the Impossible Guitar challenge. This has the hardest songs on guitar in one setlist. You can have someone play with you, which helps because they can save you. The good thing this time around, is that you can save and exit in the middle of a challenge, so you will not have to beat all the hardest songs in one go. Will have a list of the hardest songs and tips soon.

AN-I-MAL!!! - Beat the Impossible Drum Challenge. 25G
Same as Lord of the Strings except with drums. Play through the Drum Challenges, until you unlock the Impossible Drum Challenge. Play through it and this will unlock. Someone can play along with you and save you if you fail. Pretty sure it does not have to be done on expert. Will get list of trouble songs.

Virtuoso - Beat the Impossible Vocal Challenge. 25G
Same as above two. Play through Vocal challenges until you unlock the Impossible Vocal Challenge, play through it and it will unlock. Will have tips up soon.

Groove Assassin - Beat the Impossible Bass Challenge. 20G
Probably the easiest out of all the Impossible Challenges. Play through the Bass Challenges until you get the Impossible Bass Challenge. Beat it for achievement. Will have tips for and confirmation for all Impossible Challenges soon. Sit tight.

Buy a Real Instrument Already! - Beat an "Impossible" Challenge on Expert Difficulty. 35G
Here is where it gets tough. You have to beat one of the Impossible Challenges on Expert Difficulty. It all depends on your forte, if you are better at singing or drumming, do it on that. If you are a guitarist, it would probably be easiest to do it on bass. Will have tips for all Impossible
Thanks to TooMuchCowBell
original post found here http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=91664

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Post Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:03 am   
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Wow.. Nice info. Thanksman..

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Post Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:22 pm   
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Thanks for the info really i rented that game and at school dont have access to any achievement guides so thanks alot really helpful

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Post Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:43 am   
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Hey NovaStar117,

Just got Rock Band 2 myself finally so this will help me out heaps..
Thanks and keep posting those guides you find..


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