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Battlefield: Bad Company - The Good, The Bad & The Stupi
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Post Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:06 am   
Post subject: Battlefield: Bad Company - The Good, The Bad & The Stupi
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THE GOOD Very Happy - THE BAD Evil or Very Mad - THE STUPID Crying or Very sad

GOOD Very Happy

--All the cool classes are there.

--Looks like there will be a variety of very different maps, one looks like a contry club with a very large golf course you have to cross, allowing you to use a golf cart to transport your buddies, This will be hillarious.

--Good variety of vehicles.

--Destructable environments.

--Many funny entertaining moments.

--Helicopters still have an unlimited ammount of rockets but are now much easier to shoot down and all its weapons have a cool down period after about 8 shots, no more endless pouring of missles on your base leaving you helpless.

--Tanks and APC's rairly get stuck, and never get stoped by small debrie or fence posts.[/color]

BAD Evil or Very Mad

--No prone. developers feel this would make snipers invisable giving the snipers too much of an advantage ( I partly agree but would like prone anyway. I have to admit I have run past a sniper several times crouched in a small bush, and they do blend in like in cod4)

--Stand bug - - - not sure if this is just a bug in the beta or if it will make it to full version, the problem is as a sniper you crouch in a bush or behind cover, pull out your laser and lock on to a target, once it locks on you go to a behind the bomb view as you guide it to its target, after detonation you go back to your sniper who has gone from a crouch to a standing possition, as soon as you go to bomb view your sniper stands up while you are away, I think this is self explanatory why it is a problem.

--Humvees painfuly slow, can bairly overtake a tank, Not exagerating.

--As the objective points move up, the vehicles at the previous spawn of yours will dissapear and not respawn, depending on where you are when this happens you can often beleft with a very long walk trying to get to where the fight is, leaving you with the choice of walking in the open for several minutes and being bait for a sniper ( or is often the case... a TEAM of snipers) or choosing suicide to spawn on one of your teammates or the new base.

-- The ability to spawn off of a team mate can get you in the action quick but also makes it very easy for a single spawn camper to get into your base then spawn all his squad mates out his ass like when a grimlin jumps in a pool of water. then they all jump in your bases tanks and you are spawn raped out of control.
NOTE---( battlefield 2 mw on pc had a great feature you could turn on that made it illegal to kill an enemy in his spawn if it was his last open base, If you killed an enemy in his last spawn you would also die)

--A bit too easy and quick to max out on rank.

--Knife use is difficult, very slow movement, difficult to knife someone unless they are stationary and you sneek up behind them.

--Impossible to use anykind of weapon when in the water, you are basicly helpless, cant even use a knife or hand gun.

--Boundries are just a little too tight and if you accidently cross it you have 5 seconds to get back out or die, this is often a problem seeing as Reverse on all vehicles is extreamly slow, about walking pace (beep-beep-beep-beep-beep), Its like a big bug zapper that few escape from alive.[/color]

STUPID Crying or Very sad

Things that suck and the developers say they are not going to change

--No clan support.

--Can not communicate with whole team, only like 3 other members, This causes so many problems in the game. imagin playing COD4 and only being able to talk to 2 or 3 of your team mates and rest are restricted from communication with you. Now add to that the fact that the game mode and classes and the way the classes depend on each other demand the ability to communicate. Now cut the communication abilities and you have a pile of frustrating steaming shit.

--Plans on making players pay to unlock some of the weapons. and who knows what else in the future.

--Only 1 game mode, ( get the gold ) yes that is the only game mode, no capture the flag, deathmatch etc...

By looking at the forums for this game, these last 4 features are deal breakers for the majority of people playing the beta on wether or not to buy this game, Including myself, my reason for refusing to buy this game is for the restriction of communication.


This game will be a RENT NOT BUY.

RENT because I would love to try out all the maps beta did not let us play and have fun finding cool places to get to and blowing the hell out of a golf course.

NOT BUY because .. after the newness of the new maps wears off after a week, you are left with game play, and to take advantage of this you need communication (not such a big deal in other battlefield games), in this game mode it is a must have. Without it this game becomes so frustrating and non fun. I have never cursed at a game so much and not from being killed but from not being able to talk to my team. You have members in support roles or on support guns but you cant tell them where you need that support.

Those of you who have played the beta, If I have missed anything feel free to add...

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Post Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 8:22 am   
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Wow bud you should put up a review on this game when it comes out, I loved reading everything dude good detail and everything. Communication is the key in any games like COD-4, RBSV-2, BF-BC any other Fighting games. From what you have already said i will have to rent it before i buy it thats for sure. Thanks again for the info on this up coming game.
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Post Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:51 am   
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spot on game over...couldnt have said it better myself..well done mate... Very Happy
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Post Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:57 pm   
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I might go ahead and put up a review after it comes out and I get to play the full version all the way through.

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Post Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 3:47 am   
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Very nice.. I personally think the communication wont be a issue as long as you can invite friends to your squad but ive seen no proof of that yet. I could only play in a squad with no one talking, not that i didnt own anyway.. lol
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