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GOW blind firing tip
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Post Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 3:19 pm   
Post subject: GOW blind firing tip
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As GOW does not have an onscreen riticule unless you are in aim mode, blind firing can cause you to waste some time and ammo getting your fire centered where you want it, this is not an option in online versus mode, when you are playing ring arround the rosey arround a junked car with a locust., if you go to aim mode, especialy with a shot gun you also go into SLOWWWW mode, your up down and lateral movement is slowed to a snails pace when in zoom mode, sometimes you cant even keep up with the movement of the ememy, your only other choice is to blind fire and hope you realy do have the enemy centered, whell here is how I fixed that and totaly got away from using aim mode, sometimes even with a sniper.

You will need a dry erase marker, black preferably, Personaly I use a white out pen, ( better get your parents permission all you kids out there) start a game, campain or online, be somewhere where you will not be bothered, find a wall and stand about 10 to 20 foot away, Pull out your pistol and just blind fire 4 or 5 shots, find your center of grouping befor it fades and make your little X on your tv screen with a dry erase or white out pen. I like the white out because it shows up easy in bright and dark backgrounds, but is not easy to remove, I just leave it. otherwise the marker works well,

Now you have your riticule, you will have alot less waisted shots and be more focused in your firing, remember when in a shot gun fight one missed round usualy means you loose.

I just mention this because I see so many people go into aim mode with shot guns in a shot gun fight, and 9 out of 10 times they loose to the blind fire expert.

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Post Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:32 pm   
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I would suggest using some plastic wrap, like you use in the kitchen, it should stick to the tv fairly well. If not you can also use a small piece of clear scotch tape which would be decently easy to remove.

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