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Playing Games At EB Expo 2013
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:48 am   
Post subject: Playing Games At EB Expo 2013
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Hey HQer's,

I spent my Sunday in Sydney and with all the things going on in Sydney this weekend there was only one event that I cared about and that was EB Expo 2013 and what an expo it was.

I pretty much played anything I could get my hands on but did spend a lot of time at the Xbox booth and for good reason too as I believe they had a great set up as they had Xbox One consoles everywhere whilest PS4 was upstairs in their booth after waiting in line for an hour or more just to get up there before being able to play anything.

The Battlefield 4 booth was a little bit of a disappointment as it was running a very temperamental PC beta with keyboard and mouse or a 360 controller which would crash if you when into options to even do something like change your invert but in saying this the game looked fantastic and crisp and I'm sure hobbs and many others including myself will love it when it hits on Xbox One.

Call Of Duty: Ghosts booth had a very big and well set up booth and all consoles were Xbox One this game had no bugs was beautiful and felt tight. I was a big fan of it and enjoyed it a lot.

Killer Instinct was very easy to get a game of and not due to it being no one playing it but due to the amount of consoles to play it on this also was the same with Forza 5, FIFA 14, World Of Tanks, Minecraft and a Kinect title that I can't remember the name of but wow doesn't that Kinect work and well and from a very short distance like 2-3 foot away from the sensor and it was working fine for both kids and adults.

Back to the games now Killer Instinct now that's one hell of a fighting game and a lot of fun. I played against a variety of opponents and won some and lost some. I also played it both with a controller and the fight stick. Both felt great but for the true experience the fight stick is a so good and it looks the same as my Street Fighter 4 one I had now so I'll let you know if it works.

On to Forza 5 and again Turn 10 has took it up a level and with the new vibration feature brings a new sense to the game it is as expected a gorgeous looking game it plays beautifully and is just stunning.

FIFA 14 has raised the bar to new heights with the Xbox One version and it looks gorgeous and is quick paced and fun.

World Of Tanks looks great too and runs smoothly.

Dead Rising 3 now that game is out of control mayhem it's smooth clean and crisp also very go, go, go with swarms of 1,000's of zombies in every which direction and countless amounts of weapons and combinations was one hell of a fun game.

Ryse was an interesting game and very full on I did not mind this game and was a bit different to what I was expecting but in a good way.

Now to my favourite game of the entire show TITANFALL.
This game I picked up the controller and it felt right it was fast paced but you had to be tactful on how you run your attack and what you used not to give yourself away to other Titans or enemy soldiers. The game itself looked awesome and the way it run blew my mind and I'm putting this as a Game Of The Year possibility it's just that good and if it's not on your list of must haves it should be.

So forget about people saying the first run of Xbox One games being polished Xbox 360 games they are far, far beyond that and this is just the beginning holy shit what is to come then.

Now to the console and controller. The console itself isn't that big and actually doesn't look bad face to face and would easily fit into anyone home entertainment setup.

The Kinect works so good and doesn't seem to look out of place with the console and isn't as tall as it's retiring sibling I say sibling not father as they seem to be miles apart but same name.

The controller is not a lie when they say it's improved because it has. It's tighter, easier to use (sounds impossible I know) but wait till you try it and you'll agree, built better, the new vibration points and trigger frictions are amazing, more freedom for your fingers as the battery position is tight and out of the way, the stick tops are smaller but hold to the thumb better. So I can't wait to use it full time.

So that's a little about my day at EB Expo hope you enjoyed reading about it. Very Happy

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Post Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 11:09 pm   
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sounds like you had a great day man. Playing every game under the sun.. Do you see what i mean about SONY fanboys, Everyone knows the xbox is the best selling console in Australia but yet there was a lineup for PS3.. Now that's a true fanboy man.. Some of us just know where to draw that line i guess..
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