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360-HQ.COM :: Spoofing liteon drive, possible?
Spoofing liteon drive, possible?
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Post Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 2:20 am   
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Last night Splinter helped me out a bit, double checked what I had for the fw and confirmed it was all good, even made a new cfw for me just in case but it didnt work, same issue, so we are assuming that the sammy might just be junk. I orered a replacement board for my liteon so hopefully ill get that by mon. Also come up with a new plan of attack with the MRA method so the same thing doesnt happen over again.

However since I moved I have my own working space where the wife and kid dont go so they cant mess things up for me anymore Smile

Here's a pic of what my current boad looks like, its pretty horrible, I tried repairing the traces with a conductive pen, it worked sorta but its just too fragged up to do much of anything with...

Another thing that messed me up initially was the junk soldering iron i had, did more burning of the board than melting of the solder, but that one has since been tossed.

2011-11-16 20.10.50.jpg
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2011-11-16 20.10.50.jpg

2011-11-16 20.11.56.jpg
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2011-11-16 20.11.56.jpg

2011-11-16 20.12.59.jpg
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2011-11-16 20.12.59.jpg

2011-11-16 20.12.32.jpg
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2011-11-16 20.12.32.jpg


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Post Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:23 am   
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o wow my suggestion to you

Xecuter CK3i $39.99

Xecuter CK3 Probe III $14.99

if your looking to mod a lot more too other then yours and specially if it is a lite-on drive go with a

Xecuter X360 USB Pro With Case they are about $50 these allow you to hook sata up through usb and are the best i have all 3 of these and they are amazing no need to solder for any xbox 360 fat console makes work easy and painless. This is recommended specially for Lite-on slims as lots of pci boards dont work and even onboard sata were i have not had one issue with the usb pro or any other set from xecuter. Made my money back in about 3-4 mods for people and saved me so much more time.

So $55.00 if you just get the xecuter ck3i and probe 3

and $105.00 if you get the usb pro

Xconsoles is down right now but i think they have a bundle package for like $99.99 which comes with all the stuff stated above plus something else i cant remember but also a case opener for either the slim or fat model.

This would be the best investment you can ever get to not have to worry about the mra and soldering on any xbox 360 before slims.

Update here is were i got the bundle pack from: http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/home.php?cat=282 fast shipping too.

The one the only Scarface!!

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