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Battlefield 3 - Back to Karkand now available on Xbox LIVE

Battlefield 3 - Back to Karkand now available on Xbox LIVE
Published by: forahobby on Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Tagged: Gaming, Live Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox Live,

Battlefield 3′s first DLC, Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand, is now available for download from Xbox LIVE for 1200 Microsoft points or free for those who pre-ordered Battlefield 3.

Check out some exclusive 360-HQ gameplay from our matches on Xbox LIVE just below.

Content: Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Back to Karkand is a massive themed expansion pack. It features four of the most loved Battlefield maps ever, boldly reimagined with the power of the Frostbite 2 engine. It also gives you new weapons, vehicles, dog tags, and persistence in the form of all-new "assignments" to carry out on the battlefield. The maps included are Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, and Wake Island. All have been redesigned from Battlefield 2 as a return years later, changing the scenery and adding the powerful destruction that Frostbite 2 brings to the game

Purchase the "Back to Karkand" game add-on and add it to your Xbox 360 download queue

Please note that the Back to Karkand game add-on requires the latest Multiplayer Update to play. If you need further information on how to download Back to Karkand please read the support page from EA linked below.

Not already a 360-HQ member? Signup today and get your Xbox LIVE Gamerscore and achievements tracked by our server and get involved in our free community. We have Custom Xbox LIVE Gamercards, Xbox LIVE Leaderboards for each game, Xbox Achievement tracking and many other features.. Register for your free 360-HQ account here.

I also just found out that I'm currently ranked 269th in the world for Xbox 360 kills in the Scout Heli's too. woot!

Official Site: How to Download Back to Karkand
360-HQ Games Hub: Battlefield 3
360-HQ Battlefield 3 Platoon: here

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Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pre-Order Pack

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pre-Order Pack
Published by: forahobby on Thursday, August 04, 2011
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,

Claim battlefield superiority this Autumn! The Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack is now available for pre-order exclusively at GAME and Gamestation in the UK, or Gamestop in the US.

Players can storm the battlefield armed with powerful weapons and items only available in the Physical Warfare Pack including the Type 88 light machine gun with bipod for superior firepower and total zone control, the SKS sniper rifle flash suppressor that provides increased stealth abilities for Recon soldiers, and the lethal armour-piercing flechette ammo for the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun that is sure to tear through anything in its path. Also included is day one access to the highly versatile DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun itself.

In addition to the launch day exclusive weapons, the Physical Warfare Pack also includes the Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand digital expansion pack. Players can wage all-out war on four of the most celebrated maps from Battlefield 2, including Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman and the Sharqi Peninsula, all stunningly re-created using the power of Frostbite™ 2. DICE’s state of the art game engine serves as the power center for Battlefield 3 to deliver superior performance in character animation, visual rendering, audio and physical destruction unlike anything ever seen before.

TYPE 88 LIGHT MACHINE GUN (Exclusive weapon)
The Type 88 is a gas-powered, air-cooled light machine gun that comes equipped with a bipod for maximum stability. Setting the bipod up on a suitable surface gives a major boost in accuracy and recoil reduction. With the Type 88, you will completely deny the enemy entry to your area of control.

DAO-12 shotgun (Day 1 unlock)
It isn’t hard to see why the powerful DAO-12 was a big fan favorite in Battlefield 2. Being a highly versatile semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun, the DAO-12 can carry 4 types of ammo in a high capacity 12-round magazine. For close encounters, you wouldn’t want to carry any other weapon, and with the Physical Warfare Pack, you unlock it from day 1 in Battlefield 3.

Flechette ammo for the DAO-12 shotgun (Exclusive ammo)
This exclusive armor-piercing ammo makes your DAO-12 shotgun pack an added punch. Each flechette cartridge holds a number of 1-inch tungsten arrows that willtear through any material, be it metal, wood, or enemies. If you turn a corner and meet three soldiers from the opposing force, these are the rounds you want loaded in your DAO-12.

This exclusive item is the only sniper rifle flash suppressor in the game. Attaching it to the fast-firing and high capacity SKS rifle turns you into a highly agile and versatile Recon member. For the true team-play Recon who wants to contribute at the front while staying stealthy, this weapon mod is an essential upgrade.

All of this amazing content is available at no extra charge to gamers who pre-order the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition: Physical Warfare Pack exclusively at www.game.co.uk and www.gamestation.co.uk.

For all of our previous coverage on Battlefield 3 including loads of screenshots, trailers, news, forum discussions and clans please be sure to check out the 360-HQ games database via the link below.

360-HQ Games Hub: Battlefield 3

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