No Internal HD-DVD Says Microsoft

Date: Saturday, July 01 @ 07:10:47 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

You've probably read a few articles over the last day or so about an Australian Toshiba Executive saying that Microsoft would probably start putting the HD DVD drives into the Xbox 360s instead of making the gamer purchase them seperately. It appears that he was mistaken and Microsoft has no current public plans to do so, here is what was written at the Official Xbox Team blog.

Saw a few stories online about an Xbox 360 with a built-in HD DVD drive: not true. We have no plans to release an Xbox 360 with an internal HD DVD. What we showcased at E3 was an external HD DVD drive, and we're sticking with that.

We've always had a games-first emphasis with the Xbox, but some consumers can build on the platform - like by adding a Windows Media Center Edition PC. By keeping the drive external, we're offering consumers a choice in creating their own hi-def experiences. So: no plans for an internal HD DVD.

As you can see they are pretty quick to squash this rumor, so it seems that anyone wanting HD-DVD for the Xbox 360 will need to buy the external attachment. The price has yet to be announced for the HD-DVD addon, but many people expect it to be no more than $250 in order to compete with a fully equipped Playstation 3.

Special thanks goes to Elusiv1 for submitting the original article about the possibility of having the Internal HD-DVD Drive instead of having to purchase the External USB 2.0 Drive.


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