Barcelona to hold X06 convention!

Date: Thursday, June 22 @ 10:04:04 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

It has been announced that X06 will be held at Barcelona, Spain this year.
X06 is a convention held every year by Microsoft, where everything is Xbox. Over the years it has been home to breaking news like the acquisition of Rare studious, unveiling of the New Xbox, and the Xbox 360's Launch lineup- so expect to see good things come from it this year (Can we hope for a little Halo 3?)

This year’s event, according to MS, those who will be attending "should expect to be blown away with exclusive news announcements and amazing next generation gaming experiences."

It will be held September 27th and 28th, so not to far off from the Tokyo Game Convention.

Now we just have to wait and see until then if Microsoft drops the Bomb.



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