Gaming ‘Booming’ as lockdown continues

Date: Tuesday, May 19 @ 04:04:51 UTC
Topic: Xbox One

The coronavirus pandemic continues, as lockdowns remain in place. This means that normal life has been put on hold and we find new ways of entertaining ourselves, with socialising out now not possible (for the time being). This has meant that a large number of industries are ‘Booming’. The streaming platform Netflix has seen a huge spike in growth in this early period of the year, with more people signing up, due to being confined to lockdown.

Gaming ‘Booming’ as lockdown continues

It has been a similar scenario for the gaming and gambling industry, both flourishing at this time. Online casinos are seeing near record numbers, as people look for a form of entertainment, as land-based casinos remain closed in most areas and sport events are cancelled. This has led to many players looking at the Starburst slot review for the best games and offers available to them. Sport is now starting to return, with a number of events going ahead, such as a number of UFC events and football.

The gaming industry has also seen a huge surge in players, both on consoles and via mobile. The latter being an industry that is now worth in excess of $68 billion USD and this is only set to rise further in the coming years. Mobile games are now fast approaching half of the estimated market for the entire gaming market, which is something you would of never thought possible just a few years ago. Gaming was all about consoles and this still remains as popular as ever but the rise for mobile based games has been remarkable. The statistics are also showing that gaming is becoming more popular with the older generation, with females also mobile gaming in record numbers.

The lockdown has also seen a huge rise in gamers streaming, with Twitch seeing an increase of around 10%, with YouTube Gaming also seeing a rise of around 15%. Each statistic coming from

Many different countries have seen major rises and some of the worst affected and strongest lockdowns, have also correlated with this rise. An example being Italy, who were in one of the most strict lockdowns and have seen an increase of 66% in the amount of hours watched on streamed gamers.

As many would have expected, Xbox has remined one of the most popular consoles for gamers in the lockdown, with Call of Duty proving hugely popular. They have seen a major surge in players, who have been playing their new update release, known as ‘Warzone’. It further added to the popularity for the game, which is part of the Call of Duty franchise, which stands as one of the most popular and successful of any game in history. This release also proving the most popular game to date, despite its mixed reviews.

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