BlockQuest Maker (BQM) digital pre-order now available for Xbox One

Date: Tuesday, March 31 @ 00:14:46 UTC
Topic: Xbox One

BQM BlockQuest Maker is now available for digital pre-order and pre-load on Xbox One. Create & play your very own instant-death dungeon RPG and share it with the world!

BQM - Block Quest Maker

Don't be deceived by its pixel style look, it's rather hardcore and never been easy.Block Quest Maker, is nothing like Crossy Road, it's an RPG builder which drives you to get through the dungeons by fighting the monsters, saving the princess, and mostly solving the puzzles. Pure satisfaction, the moment you clear a dungeon, after failing 100 times.

With a simple click of a mouse anyone can choose the position of elements, set the triggers, place the monsters/NPCs, and shape your own dungeons. Finally, share your level with the public. you can socialize with players who clear (or fail) your levels.

BlockQuest Maker (BQM) will be available April 10th on Xbox One. The game is available for digital pre-order and pre-download today for $14.99, 4,99, 12.49, AU$22.45.

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File Size: 262.2 MB
Price: $14.99, 4,99, 12.49, AU$22.45
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