Xbox 360 Shortages to End Soon

Date: Tuesday, February 14 @ 18:15:37 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Speaking at DICE, Microsoft's Peter Moore said, "Within the next four to six weeks, anybody will be able to walk into a store and buy an Xbox 360."

When asked about the decision to launch the X360 globally he stated, "Was it controversial? Yes. But it's what we needed to do to bring next-gen gaming to a global audience. There have been short-term shortages, but we're driving a clear advantage as we go forward. It was the right decision." He added, "There were component shortages, but they've been fixed. Now we're starting to cook. We're building a vibrant, rich and profitable business model for the future."

I just hope Microsoft can keep up the momentum as March is shaping up to be one of the best months ever for AAA game releases.


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