11 Design Mistakes of the Xbox 360

Date: Tuesday, December 27 @ 20:01:21 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

After a month with the Xbox 360, I'm ready to talk about all the mistakes that the Microsoft Xbox 360 team made in developing their console. The feedback is designed to be constructive.

Mistake #1: Overheating CPU or GPU
Mistake #2: No MSN Music
Mistake #3: No HDMI support
Mistake #4: 20GB is too small
Mistake #5: Microtransaction Security
Mistake #6: No Web Browser
Mistake #7: No WMV-HD DVD Playback
Mistake #8: No MPEG-4 AVI playback (i.e. XviD, etc)
Mistake #9: No System-Wide Video Calibration
Mistake #10: Poor DVD Playback Quality
Mistake #11: No pressure sensitive face buttons
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