The Ballad Of Gay Tony Gets October 29 release

Date: Thursday, July 23 @ 09:28:52 UTC
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With the release of The Lost And Damned doing so well im sure The Ballad Of Gay Tony cant fall short of its sell marker but the real question is will it be a game with a gay character or just a big stereotype pushed to the limit?

Next-Gen reports: Rockstar has just confirmed an October 29 release date for the second Xbox 360 exclusive Grand Theft Auto episode, titled The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

Announced in late May, the episode will launch as DLC for Microsoft’s console priced at $19.99/£13.60, or 1600 MS points, and will require players to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV and an Xbox Live membership in order to download it.

Publisher Take-Two will simultaneously release Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City, which will bundle the first Xbox 360 downloadable GTA episode, The Lost And Damned, and episode two, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, on one retail disc for $39.99. Users will not require a copy of GTA IV or an Xbox Live membership to play the title.

While specific download figures haven’t been released, The Lost and Damned broke the Xbox Live first-day revenue record for DLC, while retail sales of Grand Theft Auto IV topped $500 million during its first week of availability.

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