Lost & Damned Sells Better Then Hotcakes

Date: Friday, February 27 @ 10:12:05 UTC
Topic: Live Marketplace

Once i had played the Lost & Damned i knew it was going to be big but just how big it would become was something i don't think any one saw coming, just one more thing to add to your list of reasons to buy this kick @$$ download.

Kotaku.com reported: Being both popular and, for a piece of downloadable content, expensive, would it surprise you to learn that Grand Theft Auto IV expansion Lost & damned has set a new Xbox Live revenue record?

It shouldn't. Because it has. According to Microsoft, the expansion has "eclipsed first-day revenue for all previous downloadable content on Xbox LIVE". Which means more money was spent on it than any other piece of DLC in its first 24 hours on sale.

Kind of meaningless without sales figures or a previous record holder to back it up, but then at least other games now know who's top dog when it comes to DLC cash money intake.

Take that, horse armour!

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